Software Security: One Threat Solved as Another Looms

Security Firm: Google Chrome Users Vulnerable to Data Theft

December 11, 2013

Researchers at New York security firm Identity Finder say some Google Chrome browser data is unprotected, and can be read by anyone with physical access to the hard drive, access to the file system, or malware.

While Chrome is the only web browser that Identity Finder has analyzed in-depth, "The fact that these risks have been around since version 2.0 of Chrome, or that similar vulnerabilities may be shared by other browsers, only adds to the urgency for browser makers to secure all stored browser data," the company said.

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Office Hackers Defeated

An attack that would have compromised accounts of Microsoft Office 365 users has been thwarted. Dubbed "Ice Dagger," it was an attempt by hackers to access user identities, email and documents, according to Adallom, the security firm that says it fixed the problem along with Microsoft's Security Response Team.

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