Suspected ID Thieves Nabbed in Traffic Stops

Finding identity thieves isn't always the result of a high-tech investigation. In these cases, routine traffic stops led officers to evidence of alleged identity theft and fraud.

Woman suspected of using 74 fake identities

A 72-year old woman arrested after a traffic stop stands accused of stealing the identities of film-production workers in Los Angeles, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Cathryn Parker was arrested after giving a false name when pulled over by LA County Sheriff's deputies on a traffic violation. Authorities allege she has 74 aliases and has stolen the identities of at least seven people.

Parker is accused of targeting individuals working in the film industry in production crew positions. In 2000, she was convicted of federal mail fraud for using the travel account of Jenny Craig Corporation to buy plane tickets, which she then sold.

Officials say Parker has violated the terms of her release after serving time for federal mail fraud in Hawaii and was wanted by the U.S. Marshals.

After Parker serves time in Northern California, she'll be sent to Los Angeles County to stand trial for the alleged identity thefts resulting from the traffic stop.

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New Yorkers in Maryland suspected of interstate fraud

Maryland police arrested two suspected identity thieves after pulling a driver over for a traffic violation, Southern Maryland Online reports.

Police say they found several bogus credit cards and a card skimmer in the vehicle's trunk. The driver, Jameica Cross and the passenger Dominique Reid, both of New York, are suspected of an ID theft scheme that crosses several jurisdictions and states.

Cross was charged with several traffic violations as well obstructing a police investigation and identity theft. Reid was charged with several fraud-related charges. This investigation is ongoing and additional charges are pending.

Accused identity theft found at Carmel roadside

Deputies in Carmel, Calif. arrested a man they found parked at the side of the road on suspicion of identity theft, KION News reports.

Christian Anderson was arrested after deputies allegedly found nine California driver's licenses, two fake driver's licenses, 24 various credit and debit cards in different names, a Social Security card, stolen mail, methamphetamine and more in Anderson's car.

Anderson was booked into the Monterey County Jail.

Three arrested in Missouri for alleged fake ID ring

A traffic stop in Missouri led to three arrests of suspected identity thieves, according to Heartland Connection.

Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers arrested Mark K. Glaster, Devin E. Hill and Raymond K. Rapley after a vehicle search authorities say yielded numerous cloned credit cards, gift cards and fake IDs.

All three were charged with trafficking in stolen identities and are being held in the Marion County jail.

California traffic stop leads to ID theft arrest

A traffic stop in Pittsburg, Calif. led to the arrest of a man suspected of forgery, identity theft and possessing stolen property, according to

Authorities identified the driver as Jaime Domingo Flores and say a search of his vehicle yielded ledgers, checks, bank records and tax documents for multiple people.

Flores was booked in the Martinez Detention Facility on two outstanding felony warrants and suspicion of possession of stolen property, forgery and identity theft.

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