Tax-Related Identity Theft Scams Rake in More than $1M

Though tax season is behind us, victims and authorities are still dealing with the aftermath of tax-related identity theft schemes.

DC Doctors Hit by ID Theft Scam

More than two dozen Washington, D.C. doctors have reported being hit by ID theft tax fraud, the Washington Post reports. The Medical Society of the District of Columbia (MSDC) alerted the physicians to the scam.

MSDC Executive Vice President K. Edward Shanbacker says the organization doesn't have any details about how or when the data breach occurred. However, the organization is working with the Secret Service to figure it out.

Rather than targeting patients, the scammers appear be victimizing the health care providers themselves by using their Social Security numbers and other information to file for tax refunds.

Security expert Brian Krebs says medical associations in Arizona, Connecticut, Indiana, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina and Vermont also claim their members are reporting fraud. After more than 100 health care providers in New Hampshire reported being targets of the scheme, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen asked the Secret Service and the Internal Revenue Service to investigate.

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Atlanta Couple Gets Time for $600K Stolen ID Tax Fraud

An Atlanta couple has been sentenced to multi-year prison terms for a $600,000 identity theft and tax fraud scheme.

Justin Cody and Aeshia Wilmore each pleaded guilty to theft of public funds, while Cody also pleaded guilty to aggravated identity theft. Cody was sentenced to more than seven years, and Wilmore was sentenced to two years.

Prosecutors say the two used stolen identities to file hundreds of fraudulent federal tax returns.

Audit Leads Massachusetts Man to Discover ID Theft

Before he even filed his taxes, an audit and investigation notice from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue alerted one man that his identity had been stolen, the MV Times reports.

Raymond Sylvia discovered an identity thief used his name and Social Security number to claim a large refund from the state as well as the IRS.

The thief attempted to open a bank account, student loan and two credit cards. None of the attempts were successful, as Sylvia was contacted by the lenders because of his membership with an identity theft protection service.

A woman in the same area, Danielle Clermont, told The Times someone had also filed a bogus return in her name using a Florida address.

Alabama Man Sentenced for 100-Victim ID Theft Tax Scheme

An Alabama man was sentenced to more than seven years in prison for claiming more than $400,000 in false returns using stolen identities, according to the Department of Justice.

Authorities say Nakia Jackson obtained more than 100 stolen identities from a State of Alabama employee and recruited bank employee LaQuanta Clayton to help him deposit the fraudulent funds. Jackson was ordered by the court to repay the $213,000 he received from the IRS.

Clayton was sentenced to 21 months in prison in a separate trial.

Speeding Stop Unveils Potential Tax-Related Identity Theft

A Georgia man was charged with identity theft after a speeding stop uncovered of stolen ID tax fraud, the News-Record reports.

When Davidson County deputies pulled over David Bradshaw for speeding, a K-9 unit alerted them to the presence of narcotics in the car.

Detectives found 11 bundles of cash, 30 fraudulent forms of ID and 30 federal tax refund checks totaling more than $55,000, officials said.

Bradshaw was being held in the Davidson County jail on $150,000 bail for fraudulent ID charges.

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