Thousands Victimized by Identity Theft Scams

Fannie Mae Employee Charged in ID Theft Scam

Seven people in Texas have been charged in an identity theft scheme that used personal information from 1,100 Fannie Mae customers, according to the Associated Press.

Katrina Thomas, who was an underwriter for Fannie Mae, allegedly forwarded customer information to the others, who then accessed the accounts.

The ID theft ring also targeted JP Morgan and Bank of America customers.

California Tax Preparers Indicted for Tax Fraud

More than a dozen Southern California tax preparers were indicted for using stolen identities to seek millions of dollars in fraudulent tax refunds, CBS Los Angeles reported.

Nancy Hilton, owner of Total Tax Preparations Inc. and Nancy L. Olson & Associates in Moreno Valley, was charged with conspiring with nine others to file $2.9 million in fraudulent returns. The IRS paid out $1.35 million to Hilton and her co-conspirators.

Claudia Diane Cox, owner of New Beginnings Re-Entry CCC, Inc. and Inland Valley Paralegal & Financial Service Inc. in San Bernardino, claimed fraudulent returns totaling more than 
$1 million. 

Most of the defendants are being summoned for arraignment or have already surrendered to authorities.

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Two Texas Women Sentenced for Tax Fraud

Yevette Lauren Walton and Lakisha Lashell Rogers were sentenced to two years in prison for using 53 stolen identities to file fraudulent tax returns, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Walton and Rogers conspired with tax preparer Marlin Beckett to claim more than $400,000 in fraudulent refunds for the 2013 tax season. Beckett was previously sentenced to three years in prison in a separate case and ordered to make full restitution for $196,923 in excessive refunds. 

Minnesota Men Arrested for Stealing Mail to Claim Identities

In low-tech identity theft news, investigators have identified hundreds of victims of two men who stole eight garbage bags full of mail from the Minneapolis area, Fox 9 News reported.

Police arrested Chao Moua and Runger Vang during a traffic stop and found stolen mail and credit cards.

Vang later admitted to stealing mail frequently, often going back to the same neighborhood to get access codes for the credit cards he'd stolen. 

Fox 9 reports that Vang allegedly cashed an $1,800 stolen check, and Moua tried to get a tax refund using one of the stolen identities. Moua didn't want to pay the fee to process the return, so it didn't go through.

Both men face felony identity theft charges.

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