Traffic Stops Yield Identity Theft Suspects

Several recent traffic stops by police and highway patrol officers across the nation resulted in eight people being arrested for identity theft.

Two men connected to Target data breach arrested after routine traffic stop

Two New Orleans men were arrested after police found 97 stolen credit cards, including at least one connected to the Target data breach, WVUE-Fox 8 reports.

Officers pulled over Izel Mayes and Brian Smith for speeding, but became suspicious when the men told different stories about where they were going. A search of the car uncovered 97 credit cards, bags of receipts, expensive merchandise and fake marijuana.

"One of these cards indicated during examination yesterday with the Secret Service that it was a number that was obtained during a breach of security at the Target company," said Ricky Fox, police chief in Vinton, Louisiana.

Both men are facing 97 counts of identity theft and access device fraud.

Smith was also booked for drug possession and introducing contraband into a jail after authorities discovered balloons of heroin during a body cavity search.

Mayes had been arrested on similar identity theft charges three months earlier and was on probation for possession of heroin.

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Trooper pulls over speeding car, finds hundreds of stolen identities

The Wyoming Highway Patrol discovered hundreds of stolen credit cards in a car that troopers pulled over for driving 111 mph in a 65 mph zone, according to the agency.

Florida residents Maurice Bright, Porsha Slones and Jasmine Bradley are facing federal indictments for credit card fraud and identity theft. All three were arrested for possession of marijuana, and Bright was cited for driving with a suspended license.

Troopers also found stolen retail gift cards in the car.

The Highway Patrol has asked the U.S. Secret Service for assistance in the investigation.

Stop for a seat belt ticket yields 94 stolen IDs

Police found a trunk full of paperwork attached to stolen identities after pulling over a Florida man for not wearing a seat belt, the Sun Sentinel reports.

Camill Anthony was arrested after police found debit cards, Social Security cards and drivers licenses for 94 people in his trunk, authorities told the Sun Sentinel.

Anthony admitted to investigators that he'd filed 18 false tax returns this year but hadn't yet received any refunds.

California cop smells pot, finds stolen credit cards and more

A routine traffic stop in San Diego led deputies to stolen mail, checks and credit cards for more than 100 people, The Ramona Sentinel reports.

San Bernardino residents Samuel Oliver Remson and Dominique Kesha Woods were held on suspicion of drug possession, identity theft and mail theft.

When a deputy pulled the couple over for a suspected traffic violation and smelled marijuana coming from their vehicle, Remson admitted he had marijuana in the car and had used some of it, according to a press release from the San Diego Sheriff's Department.

The deputy found marijuana, drug paraphernalia and more than 100 pieces of stolen mail during a search of the vehicle.

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