Wendy’s Investigates Potential Credit Card Breach

If you've ordered at fast-food chain Wendy's recently, there could be cause for concern —not regarding what you ate, but regarding your wallet.

The chain recently reported that it's investigating claims of a credit card breach at some of its 5,700 locations in the U.S.

“Reports indicate fraudulent charges may have occurred elsewhere” following customers' legitimate credit card transactions used at some restaurants, according to a statement on the company’s website.

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Payment industry contacts notified the chain about unusual activity of credit cards used at some locations, according to KrebsOnSecurity. The security blog reported that financial security sources in the Midwest and the East Coast have alluded to unusual payment activities that might suggest a credit card breach.

Wendy's spokesperson Bob Bertini told Reuters that the company would be able to disclose more about the potential breach after an investigation is carried out. The restaurant chain hired a security firm to investigate claims.

Some experts are speculating that criminals took advantage of the payment terminals at some Wendy's restaurants.“Cyber criminals continue to feast on point of sale devices," Travis Smith, researcher at security firm Tripwire, told "The primary function of these computers and networks are to process customer orders as quickly as possible. Security is often an afterthought."

While the details are still unraveling, you might want to stay tuned as more information develops about the scope of the breach, how many restaurants could have been impacted and the timeframe that the breach might have occurred.

In the meantime, if you've recently paid for an order at Wendy's with your credit card, it's a smart idea to keep a close eye on your accounts. If you suspect any unusual activity, you should report it immediately.

The news also comes as a reminder that breaches can unfold anywhere — at any time. As a result, it's important to continually monitor your accounts, check your credit report and take additional measures to keep your personal information secure and protected.

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