Daughter Charged with Stealing Mother’s Identity

Credit card fraud using stolen identities is on the rise. Here are just a few cases that show how vulnerable our personal financial information really is.

Pennsylvania Woman Charged with Stealing Mom's Identity

Tammy Coast was arrested on suspicion of stealing her mother's identity and using it to rack up utility and credit card bills, the Bradford Era reports.

Police say Coast's mother came to them after discovering a utility account in her name was opened for an address that belonged to her daughter two years ago with more than $2,300 in unpaid charges.

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Former NYC Sandwich Shop Employee Sentenced for Card Skimming

Nigel McCollum was sentenced to up to four years in prison for skimming more than 100 credit card numbers from customers at the sandwich shop where he worked, according to the New York District Attorney's Office.

Authorities say McCollum recruited other Pret A Manger staff members to skim credit card numbers over several months at the shop's Chelsea location. When police searched his apartment, they found two card skimmers, four computers, two encoding devices, stacks of blank cards and hundreds of forged cards bearing McCollum's name.

McCollum pleaded guilty to identity theft, grand larceny and several forgery-related charges.

Unidentified Woman Charges $12K in Jewelry to Stolen Identity

Colorado police are looking for an ID thief who used a cloned card to buy thousands of dollars in jewelry, according to CBS Denver.

The victims discovered their credit card information had been used to buy $12,000 in watches from Jared Jewelers after a legitimate charge of theirs was declined.

Police say the suspect used a fraudulent credit card that had the victims' card numbers printed on it along with the fake name "Lonnie Richards."

The suspect has yet to be identified and caught.

Two Arrested for Napa Identity Theft Ring

Cozette Roper and Dorna Keith were arrested for their roles in a Napa-based identity theft ring, the Clearlake Record-Bee reports.

Authorities had been investigating reports of two women stealing mail and using stolen credit cards. After a month-long investigation, police arrested the two women on suspicion of identity theft and fraudulent use of an access card.

Charges are pending for an unidentified third suspect.

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