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Data Breaches

Uber Breach Sends Thousands of Drivers Someone Else's Tax Info.

Written by Jennifer van der Kleut for NortonLifeLock

Popular ride-sharing company Uber indicated a software glitch for an incident where some of their drivers were sent another Uber driver's tax information.

News outlets took notice in early February 2016, when independent Uber drivers posted to various social media and online forums about trying to download their 1099 tax forms from the Uber partner dashboard and being presented someone else's form.

The IRS' 1099 tax form is given to independent contractors so they can report their annual earnings on their tax returns. The form contains sensitive and personally-identifiable information.

In this case, many of Uber's independent drivers were given the 1099 form for a woman in Florida who also drives for the company. That form contained financial reports of how much money the woman made driving for Uber in 2015, as well as her full name, address, and Social Security Number.

When Uber learned of the bug, the tax form was reportedly removed from the site before anyone else could view it.

Editor’s note: This content was lightly edited and updated on Feb. 5, 2018.

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