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LifeLock in the Community

LifeLock believes that a three-level approach to combat identity theft includes educating consumers, working with law enforcement and elected officials, and aligning strong community support. As a result, we are actively engaged in these activities.

Law Enforcement Education

LifeLock partners with the nonprofit FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association (FBI-LEEDA) to present educational programs about identity theft across the United States. Summits are open to all law enforcement including: prosecutors, command level, investigative personnel, and patrol officers. Also open to financial industry investigators and analysts.

The one-day and two-day events address a range of identity theft issues, including laws, new technologies, awareness and protection strategies, investigative techniques, databases to assist in identity theft investigations, and victim's assistance.

Interested in hosting a free law enforcement summit? LifeLock will manage registration and provide lunch to all participants. To optimize the training events, a minimum of 50 participants should be enrolled two weeks prior to the training date. To register or for more information for upcoming classes please visit
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Paige Hanson :

Victims' Assistance

In 2010, NOVA teamed up with LifeLock to provide education programs to raise awareness and equip participants on victim assistance and remediation processes related to identity theft and fraud. The summit consists of one and two-day training events and are open to victim advocates, prosecutors and allied professionals, including law enforcement personnel.

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Upcoming Events
Montgomery, OH August 3
Indianapolis, IN (Advanced) September 12-13

Upcoming Events
Miami, FL July 28
Green Bay, WI August 16
Atlanta, GA: (NOVA Conference) August 14-17
Nashville, TN September 14
Randolph Center, VT October 6
Jackson, MS (Advanced) November 17-18