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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Stinks

    For one I don't know which service I am using, but it Stinks. I had 7 accounts that were comprised in April. You didn't send me any notices of this at all. All I get is GOOD NEWS NOTHING TO REPORT. Bull sh-- They stole around $3 to $4 thousand dol... Read more »

    By Pamela Druciak , on 2016-06-01  02:30:00

  • Hacked once, almost again

    One of my credit cards was hacked for over $8,000.00. Luckily American Express was more on the ball than Bank of America. They called me to ask me if I had charged online and I said NO and they we able to stop the purchase before it was to late. Read more »

    By Disappointed Customer , on 2016-05-31  18:02:58

  • alarms in april and may

    can't never get a straight answer from any person i have talked to....... several alerts came trough and alarms after alarms ...said they would investigate and get back ...never did........oh well Read more »

    By Michael j. Coughlin , on 2016-05-31  12:30:02

  • debt card id stolen

    the bank had to catch the theft. lifelock says no id theft found. Read more »

    By sherm , on 2016-05-30  20:44:14

  • waste of money

    I received an email from the bank notifying me of FRAUDULENT use of my card, did I hear anything from Lifelock? NO!!!! I opened a new card, did Lifelock question it? NO!!!! What am I paying for? NOTHING!!! Read more »

    By rpbjcs , on 2016-05-30  14:58:10

  • Three straght times the program won't let me in.

    I live in Japan, working for the USAF. I upgraded to your top-level program about 3-4 months ago, going from an $8.99 monthly payment to a one-time annual subscription costing over $275.00. SInce then, on at least three occasions I've tried logg... Read more »

    By wchidi75 , on 2016-05-29  23:25:26

  • They failed

    I called life lock and I forgot my password. They began to asking me some questions and one of the question was she listing about 5 phone numbers and ask me which one used to be mine. This phone number I have, I had it more than ten years. Who is goin... Read more »

    By Rosemarie , on 2016-05-29  21:27:55

  • Horrible Follow up

    My identity was stolen and over 20 accounts where falsely begin opened in my name. Its been near impossible to have anyone other then the first line call center agent talk to me. Still have not idea what the next step is. Not sure what the value of... Read more »

    By Joe , on 2016-05-25  17:25:59

  • Haven't known you were there!

    I believe I've been a subscriber for over a year. I get basically no updates from you. I have had fraud alerts from my credit card companies and from a another fraud protection company. I've applied for new credit and have heard nothing from you, othe... Read more »

    By Linda Houle , on 2016-05-25  07:55:07

  • Cindy Aguilar

    I had 6 different attempts of fraud on my account on May 22 and 23. LifeLock never detected any of them. My bank Wells Fargo protected me with its own security which is free. I feel I've been paying for a service that has not done what was quoted to d... Read more »

    By David and Cindy Aguilar , on 2016-05-25  04:25:25

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.