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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Myrl Bowler

    My Identity was stolen 3 time in the last 4 years, people are trying to get credit cards and payday loans in my name, some are getting those cards and loans, never has LifeLock ever notified me. !st time ID stolen I was with Bank America, since BA wa... Read more »

    By Myrl Bowler , on 2016-03-15  22:01:05

  • Does nothing as far as I can determine.

    A year ago I was told that lifelock could do nothing when I was notified by the IRS that someone had already filed taxes for me. Therefore I had to notify and change all accounts etc. Last month someone used my credit card number for 2 transactions ... Read more »

    By c.Reimer , on 2016-03-15  13:55:22

  • Poor

    I have been opening and closing accounts these past few months and Lifelock has never contacted me to make sure it's me. I will not renew. Read more »

    By Jo Burrell , on 2016-03-15  13:05:03

  • too early to tell

    I just enrolled due to a recent data breach. I have not experience any of the service yet other than the email sent today assuring me that there has been no bad activity associated with my account. So its too early for me to have much of an opinion. Read more »

    By Mark@FDOT , on 2016-03-14  19:21:08

  • The worst

    The worst, did not work, they told they can not cover everything, I am still dealing with fraud on my credit they did nothing Read more »

    By Jerry , on 2016-03-14  18:46:14

  • Identity Theft This AM

    While you gave me this all clear email this AM about 10 o'clock my bank account was hacked and several out of state charges were done. You didn't help--NO ALERTS!!!! Your agen said my Prosperity bankhad been disconnected w/o my approval a long time ba... Read more »

    By John Brown , on 2016-03-13  22:07:35

  • dont understand

    Think we got ripped for 500 plus dollars. do not want it any more and money back Read more »

    By dave gowan , on 2016-03-13  16:28:26

  • Where was LifeLock???

    Just received a call from the bank handling a new Sam's Club card that a suspicious charge was being denied..They caught it and reported to me...Where was LifeLock??? They are sending a new card and cancelling the old. Again, where was LifeLock?? Am s... Read more »

    By Maggiejo , on 2016-03-11  20:40:05


    tried to cancel but could not find a link. please UN-sign me Read more »

    By lynn , on 2016-03-11  15:53:21

  • No Response from LifeLock

    I've repeated attempted to contact LifeLock and continually get ignored! Read more »

    By Gale Geurin , on 2016-03-10  16:03:29

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.