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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Not protected

    My Facebook account was hacked; Lifelock was NOT aware and was NO help in resolving the problem. Read more »

    By Anne R Brusca , on 2015-04-27  10:11:37

  • Gives Me Piece of Mind, But Some Problems

    Lifelock has given my wife and I piece of mind by having it monitor our financial accounts. However, we continually have issues with it connecting to our bank. We will configure Lifelock to connect to the bank. It will work initially and maybe for ... Read more »

    By M. Hunter , on 2015-04-26  14:12:07

  • Lifelock Ultimate Plus

    Today (04/23/2015) I received a "Monthly Security Update" for the first time in at least 9 months. In over a year, I have received direct Lifelock communications on various issues perhaps 6 to 8 times. My wife, also a "Plus" member, has had slightly ... Read more »

    By Dennis Poller , on 2015-04-23  14:22:26

  • Why did I have to call YOU about identify theft occurrence?

    I was recently a victim of identity theft with Lifelock ultimate fully in place (and billed monthly). My taxes were filed "for me" by a thief who pocketed a large refund both federal and state. When I called Lifelock, I was told "we don't cover tax... Read more »

    By Mark , on 2015-04-23  01:06:22

  • Credit Card

    I had a fraudulant purchas on a credit card of $212.00. Where were You Read more »

    By Ralph L Rowan , on 2015-04-22  21:40:55

  • It's like what I expected !!

    Very bad customer service ,, Read more »

    By Noor araj , on 2015-04-20  05:18:07

  • Cell Phone

    cant reach you on cell phone Read more »

    By Robert Rains , on 2015-04-19  19:23:28

  • My opinion

    i think life lock is to complicated to use. For example how do you change account numbers on your accounts such as checking accounts. I had to change my bank account number, I could not due. Credit scores are way behind. I think there should be more s... Read more »

    By George Lynch , on 2015-04-18  19:02:52

  • Do not get notified soon enough

    It takes a few days to get notified I thought I would get notified instandly? Read more »

    By Corliss , on 2015-04-18  17:13:07

  • What exactly are you monitoring?

    I got a loan for a vehicle about a month after subscribing and LifeLock still has no record of it. What gives? Read more »

    By Thumper , on 2015-04-13  13:53:56

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.