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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • log on problems

    I can NOT log on to update my account. I forgot my password and your password service can't locate me or my account. Read more »

    By John mercer , on 2014-12-27  03:09:07

  • to early to make any rating

    to early just joined this week Read more »

    By Weldon , on 2014-12-17  15:44:35

  • No complaints, hoping for a good outcome

    I have no complaints, they were very nice. However, I contacted LifeLock today because I received a letter from the FBI stating I am a "victim" and there is an appending investigation to which I am unable to get official information about. So although... Read more »

    By Phyl , on 2014-12-13  22:02:03

  • Lost in credit scores!

    Sure I will get the hang of the information, but so far I have received around 10 e-mails, called twice and am just now able to view my credit history. Found one small item and 4 credit card accounts that state they are open, but I don't have a card ... Read more »

    By Bo , on 2014-12-10  04:29:08

  • lifelock help

    My initial contact with lifelock was very reassuring. After awhile there was nothing different than the free services. Read more »

    By JR360 , on 2014-12-09  15:51:06

  • Not all FCUs covered

    It was a tad dissapointing to not have my FCU covered by LifeLock. My other 2 financial institutions were on the books. Read more »

    By Dirtsailor , on 2014-12-07  12:37:01

  • Cecil

    Initially spoke to Ashley who spoke way too fast. Had a very hard time keeping up with al the info. Was very frustrating. Then got transfered to Jean in fraud dept. who spoke very clear and was very patience with me. Read more »

    By Cecil , on 2014-12-05  21:35:56

  • credit score

    Why am I forbidden to know my score? What is so secretive about it that you should charge more for me to see it? IT"S MINE!!! Read more »

    By Sir Vancelot , on 2014-12-01  00:52:51

  • Idenity theft again.....

    I obtained Lifelock last year after being hit 3 times, on 3 different cards. When Lifelock appeared I thought my troubles were over. Well It happened again in August. And I had to do all the front work. Lifelock eventually sent me the paperwork to f... Read more »

    By Denise Gill , on 2014-11-27  19:15:03

  • Small Business Special needs - bank has multiple passwords...

    Lifelock is GREAT - except.... I cannot get my business account to be monitored as it requires a THIRD (RANDOM GENERATED 6 DIGIT PIN) Which I have a device it reads on my key chain... No way to predict the number, no way for you to access my acc... Read more »

    By Robert L. Young , on 2014-11-24  00:15:00

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.