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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Missed Detection

    I'm paying a fee for protection of my personal data, and over the past 3 months have had to change credit cards due to breach. I've never been notified once by LifeLock, but did receive the info from my credit card company. The only thing I get on a r... Read more »

    By Thomas Ralph , on 2015-03-30  13:03:37

  • Internet Fraud

    Someone hacked into Starbuck's website and stole my Starbuck's $ that was then transferred to their card. With that, they also stole my debit and credit card numbers to transfer $100's of dollars within 1 day to their card. Lifelock did not catch this... Read more »

    By kittycattennis , on 2015-03-29  16:09:19

  • new

    New Read more »

    By djblives , on 2015-03-28  06:20:32

  • Identity compromised

    While checking Credit Karma, a free online service, I noticed a delinquent credit card with a bank I've never done business with, a limit I don't have and the card was over the limit. I did some checking and it was from a bank in Nevada. I called the ... Read more »

    By Camelot5741 , on 2015-03-28  00:32:51

  • hhh

    hh Read more »

    By Sabine , on 2015-03-27  18:34:49

  • Debit card recently breached

    received notice from my credit union that their records showed that I "bought gas in India yesterday"!!! Debit cards (my son's & mine) needed to be changed. I thought that I was protected, but in all fairness, maybe those accounts were not. Overall... Read more »

    By thomas garrigan , on 2015-03-27  14:51:53



    By Kevin HODO , on 2015-03-27  00:36:10

  • not interested

    not interested, just trying to get on the site Read more »

    By Chris Cassada , on 2015-03-25  23:48:26

  • Reports

    Since I have signed up this is the first report I have received. I think reports should be sent at least quarterly Read more »

    By David Sass , on 2015-03-25  19:25:58

  • Has some issues

    I am tied of having to sign into a credit card account every three days because your system is not able to sign in and then inform you that the login is correct. I can do this myself without having to have paid you $600 for just a credit report and a... Read more »

    By Kitty Elena Dory , on 2015-03-23  23:35:02

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.