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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Did not Understand my question? Asking about "Black Market Website".

    In my t e-mail I asked "I was looking at my account and was reading something and saw the name "Black Market Website". Can you please send me a link so I can read more about this service and perhaps sign-up for it? I will give LifeLock credit for... Read more »

    By Dr. J. S. Barron , on 2014-10-05  22:35:40

  • Standard

    Just joined. Don't really know about service. Had to put in 1 year below. Just joined last week. Read more »

    By Roberta Gerdts , on 2014-10-05  15:42:51

  • Stuart Hoag

    Good! Read more »

    By Stuart Hoag , on 2014-10-04  23:29:48

  • Getting Started

    I asked for help getting stock brokerage accounts included in my protested accounts. It has been three days and have not received a response. The brokerage accounts represents a significant portion of my assets. If the accounts are not included. what ... Read more »

    By , on 2014-10-02  15:01:31


    WE have been well pleased with the service. It has caught a couple of issues that were enter errors in someone applying for a line of credit that was not us. Getting the 'credit application' notices has saved us some potential headaches. The custom... Read more »

    By Robert Swink , on 2014-10-02  13:00:02

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.