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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Rest easy knowing life lock has my back.

    Its great knowing life lock is so alert regarding any inquiries into my credit. Read more »

    By Linda Oreilly , on 2018-01-21  12:22:21

  • Great Service

    Thank you for your very prompt attention when I applied for a new credit card and you contacted me to verify that it was actually me making the application. I received both a phone call and an email. It just reaffirmed my decision to enroll in LifeL... Read more »

    By Jane C , on 2018-01-12  21:10:53

  • I've only just started my LIFE LOCK SUBSCRIPTION .

    i signed up for SQUARE, the credit card app for merchants , Last Night . FIRST THING THIS MORNING 1 LIFELOCK sent me an ALERT about that very transaction ! THEY ARE ON TOP OF IT !!!.......and it only cost me $9.95 per month !! Read more »

    By Allen Maxwell , on 2018-01-12  14:13:52

  • Good looken out

    Thanks so much,I was curious about an offer at CreditKarma.Good to know you are on it . Read more »

    By Ruthie Mae Morman , on 2018-01-08  22:04:02

  • You guys are awesome!

    I initiated a new card - just for the savings. Within one hour, I received a text message to see if it was me or not. I appreciate the peace of mind of knowing whether someone is trying to hack me or not!!! Read more »

    By Janet , on 2018-01-04  21:11:07

  • Notifications

    Excellent responce. Just applied fro a Home Depot charge card and you guys were spot on! Read more »

    By Deerfield Bob , on 2018-01-02  13:46:57

  • Excellent

    Thank you Read more »

    By Kathryn Leigh , on 2017-12-31  21:54:06

  • LifeLock Review

    Called for help with alert and the service time and friendliness was awesome. Was less time consuming than I thought it was gonna be!!!!!! I really appreciate the security I have by being a member of LifeLock. Read more »

    By Peggie Mason , on 2017-12-22  21:42:30

  • Secured

    You guys are the best I am very happy with peace of mind to know you guys are protecting my personal info many thanks Read more »

    By Mad San , on 2017-12-20  18:57:51

  • They have my back.

    It is great that they let me know in minutes about changes or things going on that have to do with my social security number.Such as new accounts opened in my name. Read more »

    By Bobby , on 2017-12-20  18:19:40

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.