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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Retired

    Retired Read more »

    By lennox henry , on 2014-10-13  19:45:32

  • Changing up Programs

    Due to all the issues with merchants and banks being hacked and data breaches my wife and I decided to up grade our plan. The associate was very helpful with the process explained how to proceed with the upgrade and the change in fees along with the ... Read more »

    By B. Young , on 2014-10-13  19:10:43

  • great job

    Thanks for being on top of everything. We appreciate your professionalism and attention to all the cyber attacks, and every concievable attack on peoples credit in todays world. This would be a hard job to do ourselves. My only criticism was when c... Read more »

    By richard , on 2014-10-13  18:18:47

  • Protecting Identity

    I do not feel qualified to give a review at this time. Have only been with you since Sept. maybe one month now. This is through my membership with aol. I have been with them over ten years. You sent me a message to say you had protected my Identity... Read more »

    By , on 2014-10-13  17:52:14

  • very helpful

    the lady I worked with was super helpful and very efficient Read more »

    By josh garver , on 2014-10-13  17:49:58

  • Relief Is Just A Click Away

    My recent question was answered to my great relief and I will follow all suggestions of being watchful with all accounts. It is good to know I can sleep easier with the knowledge that LifeLock has my back and security covered. My query was small in s... Read more »

    By Dennis K. , on 2014-10-13  17:37:17

  • Alert notification and follow-up

    I was notified via e-mail that an account was opened for a telecommunication service and the e-mail asked if I applied for this service. Once I responded that I did not apply for this service LifeLock proceeded with their investigation and did a foll... Read more »

    By Paul Leary , on 2014-10-13  17:25:27

  • peace of mind

    Lifelock gives me peace of mind that my credit is being monitored. Read more »

    By Gleny , on 2014-10-13  14:23:47

  • Thankful!

    I am very thankful for Life Lock finding this breach. This is the second time since joining that LL has notified me of a possible ID theft on my information. I am very glad I decided to join LL so that I can have that concern taken care of. I have... Read more »

    By Gbaby , on 2014-10-13  14:04:58

  • Pleasing

    As a college student having my information put anywhere and everywhere I was constantly worried about my identity being stolen. Since signing up with LifeLock, I have had the comfort of knowing that I am protected and have been pleased with the amount... Read more »

    By Levi , on 2014-10-13  13:43:29

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.