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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Love it

    I started using lifelock to protect my credit. Lifelock is on top of things, when I applied for a credit card they sent an alert to make sure it was me and that someone had not gotten ahold of my information. I like this company so much I have my pare... Read more »

    By MGrip , on 2014-10-12  16:26:26

  • Lifelock Alert Resolution

    Someone was trying to open an account with Sprint using my social security number. I called Lifelock and spoke with the Tyson Herrell. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. He contacted Sprint and with his help the situation was resolved. Read more »

    By Rich J. , on 2014-10-12  14:23:42

  • checked on bogus email bills.

    after waiting on hold for about 10+ minutes to speak to someone they were a great help and told me one of the emails from Delta Air Lines was a scam and told me how to handle the others.they checked all my accounts and they were ok. Read more »

    By David Se , on 2014-10-12  14:17:40

  • Customer Service

    Just worked with a young lady from LifeLock. Very professional, very helpful, very sharp! Bud Kirkland Read more »

    By Golden Kirkland , on 2014-10-12  13:49:23

  • I applaud Lifelock's Ultimate Plus!

    I first heard about Lifelock ID protection on TV commercials and have since been interested in obtaining Lifelock's ID protection services. A month ago, I located Lifelock's website while web surfing and I reviewed the various plans and I enrolled in... Read more »

    By George E. , on 2014-10-12  13:06:55

  • Excellent service

    "As advertised" I received an alert that my information was being used. A Lifelock customer service tech called me and took care of the problem. Read more »

    By Porfirio Garcia , on 2014-10-12  02:44:49

  • A. WEBB

    When I had realized that my identity had initially gotten stolen, Life Lock had called me to see if I had opened a new credit card account, I had told them that I had not and they had shut it down, before the new credit card had been issued to the per... Read more »

    By A.Webb , on 2014-10-12  02:42:26

  • Lifelock alert

    Very pleased with the way Lifelock handled the alert on my account. The specialist I talked to was very helpful. When she called me back with the results of the alert, she was very reassuring, making sure I understood the results. Read more »

    By Lesa Prater , on 2014-10-12  02:17:48

  • LifeLock Ultimate

    I have had many occasions to use the services of LifeLock in the past and have been very satisfied of the attention to my problems. I am always telling other people about the advantages of joining this great organization. You get individual attenti... Read more »

    By irma bell , on 2014-10-11  19:26:20

  • Don't understand question.

    Life Lock has contacted me a number of times. The service provided has been very helpful, I would recommend to all. Read more »

    By Jerry Witt , on 2014-10-11  18:50:19

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.