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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • unhappy customer

    I have been getting a ton of phone calls on my cell. from no numbers and unavailable people. I had one lady tell me that she was going to keep calling me until I listen to what she had to sell me. no phone number to report it to. Read more »

    By Vickie Lynn Sawyer , on 2016-06-06  15:28:53

  • waste of money

    I received an email from the bank notifying me of FRAUDULENT use of my card, did I hear anything from Lifelock? NO!!!! I opened a new card, did Lifelock question it? NO!!!! What am I paying for? NOTHING!!! Read more »

    By rpbjcs , on 2016-05-30  14:58:10

  • Haven't known you were there!

    I believe I've been a subscriber for over a year. I get basically no updates from you. I have had fraud alerts from my credit card companies and from a another fraud protection company. I've applied for new credit and have heard nothing from you, othe... Read more »

    By Linda Houle , on 2016-05-25  07:55:07

  • Cindy Aguilar

    I had 6 different attempts of fraud on my account on May 22 and 23. LifeLock never detected any of them. My bank Wells Fargo protected me with its own security which is free. I feel I've been paying for a service that has not done what was quoted to d... Read more »

    By David and Cindy Aguilar , on 2016-05-25  04:25:25

  • Not Satisfied

    My info has been compromised and when I contact U I get no help! I am so disappointed Read more »

    By Satinia , on 2016-05-14  19:26:23

  • a BIG waste of time

    I have no use for this service. Alerts I received in the past turned out to be nothing and resulted in wasting MUCH of my time running down. Read more »

    By John Smith , on 2016-05-14  19:06:17

  • Costs way too much!

    Costs way too much money - Reps scare you into overbuying services. I don't need all of these services and with all the big money commercials on TV and radio - I think Life Lock is becoming a scam in and of itself. Read more »

    By Anne , on 2016-05-10  17:01:04

  • Lazy

    I called to report someone had opened a Capital One credit card account using my name address and SS #. The guy I talked to made no effort to assist me. All he was concerned with was the date the identity theft happened hoping it was before I starte... Read more »

    By Disappointed , on 2016-05-10  15:41:15

  • Notices of suspicious use

    Poor- I usually receive notices of suspicious credit card activity days and sometimes over a week past the date of transaction. I have had LifeLock for about 3 years now and in the past - 5 years ago for 2 years. I have always recommended this servic... Read more »

    By Jerry , on 2016-05-09  16:45:12

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.