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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Don't know what this means?

    Keeps telling me it can't excess my bank account? Read more »

    By Jerry Thomas , on 2016-03-28  17:11:19

  • Why?

    When you need the service, its diwn. Then you call and the wait time is too long. So why? Read more »

    By Bettie , on 2016-03-21  15:00:02

  • The worst

    The worst, did not work, they told they can not cover everything, I am still dealing with fraud on my credit they did nothing Read more »

    By Jerry , on 2016-03-14  18:46:14

  • Identity Theft This AM

    While you gave me this all clear email this AM about 10 o'clock my bank account was hacked and several out of state charges were done. You didn't help--NO ALERTS!!!! Your agen said my Prosperity bankhad been disconnected w/o my approval a long time ba... Read more »

    By John Brown , on 2016-03-13  22:07:35

  • Failed service

    I have not received one warning or notice from u people during the last couple of months of loans and credit cards that I applied for. I would think that I should have gotten a request to verify if it was me. Read more »

    By Rick kozak , on 2016-03-09  15:31:37


    Right now we are very dissatisfied with your company. Our identity was stolen and a credit card issued and used in Michigan. I thought that you were suppose to monitor for this type of thing. Am I wrong ?What are paying you for! Read more »

    By Terry Lewis , on 2016-03-07  21:20:33

  • Poor Monitoring and Notification

    I received a Fraud Alert yesterday (03/05/2016) from one of my credit card accounts ending in 6808. This card was one of the five you allowed me to monitor for usage of the card and report to me any odd or strange activities. My credit card holder th... Read more »

    By Peter Schumaker , on 2016-03-06  18:06:43

  • LockLock Service

    I have been a victim of fraud & identity theft since December yet LifeLock never responded/contacted or advised me. But my account is debited each month for payment. I wish to cancel my contract with Life lock immediately. Read more »

    By Christy Cheatham , on 2016-03-06  14:37:43

  • Not as expected

    I was misled to use a plan, that was covering almost nothing. for $19.99 a month. The only way to be protected is to pay the most expensive plan. Not worth it. There are other less expensive options out there Read more »

    By SP , on 2016-03-02  02:25:22


    PEACE OF MIND!! Love the updates. Read more »

    By bettyboopers , on 2016-02-26  15:06:50

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.