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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Waited too long for approval

    I waited -30 minutes fir you to release a hold on my credit. I didnt get code text for 30 min abd then I had to get a call with code. Then the charge went through. Clerk was ready to scream. You got to do better. Read more »

    By J Lowe , on 2017-10-15  01:18:09

  • Unhappy with you

    The only thing you have ever contacted me about is Yahoo getting hacked and that was a year or more after the fact. Bank of America (one of my debit cards and my credit card) has contacted me several times about possible fraudulent charges and at lea... Read more »

    By Pat Supak , on 2017-05-04  18:40:40

  • Protected or Not?

    Your credit report and credit score page has not updated since 3/30/16. We paid off an account with the bank, bought a car, and your web page still shows the one we paid off as still owing over $4,000. We got no e-mail or notice saying someone opene... Read more »

    By Delores Doles , on 2016-05-30  14:13:31

  • Uncertain

    Not certain about the service I get for the money I pay. All I get is an email a month on how my account has been protected? Never received any texts about credit cards I have opened or anything suspicious activity on these cards. However, my own cred... Read more »

    By Suzanne , on 2016-05-13  11:05:21

  • Need to offer Credit Score Updates for Free

    The service is ok but it would be nice to get an occasional update on ones FICO score just as a courtesy. Read more »

    By RKelly , on 2016-05-11  12:21:15

  • My credit cards are not protected

    When my Visa credit card was hacked for over $3,000 no one from lifelock caught it, when I called they told me my credit cards are not entered properly, & talking to them on the phone is no help for an 80 year old woman like me. Read more »

    By Thelma Adams , on 2016-05-10  20:57:44

  • Not sure

    I am not sure which service I have, but they told me they couldn't get into Wells Fargo accounts, I don't know if they got it figured out they never called. I will cancel after my year is up! Read more »

    By Elaine Kent , on 2016-04-27  18:40:58

  • Concerned Customer

    Hello-- I recently applied for a new credit card and I am concerned that Lifelock did not inform me of the activity. What if that wasn't me that was actually applying? That's my question and concern. Thank you Read more »

    By Peter Angelini , on 2016-04-21  20:26:11

  • LIFELOCK = waste of time & money

    IRS just informed us that our identity has been compromised for the second year in a row with some ass filing for a large tax refund under my and my wife's name, address and SS#. We don't hear squat from Lifelock, but get accusatory notices from IRS. ... Read more »

    By Michael Coleman , on 2016-04-21  01:21:31

  • Did not work

    I am very disappointed. My card was used fraudulently and $200 was pulled illegally from my checking account. Lifelock did not catch this and it was an out of state transaction. Read more »

    By tonee , on 2016-03-24  14:57:39

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.