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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Dont want it

    I want to cancel account and never receive anything for you again, I cant afford this Read more »

    By Tabitha , on 2016-05-04  00:50:32

  • since you missed my debit card being hacked i'm not real impressed. cost me about $400 before the bank caught the problem

    not thrilled at all. giving one star because I can't select zero Read more »

    By caroline , on 2016-03-31  22:43:11

  • Not successful

    I've had a breech and you guys don't know it. Read more »

    By Lisa Schulze , on 2016-03-31  03:31:20

  • I Cancelled Your Services

    I cancelled your services 3 days after I started your 30 day free trial and 3 months later you are billing me for your services Read more »

    By jpring48 , on 2016-03-22  18:29:58

  • Protected NOT

    I had my identity stolen, no notification from you was ever received, and you are still unaware of this fact! That's how good you are!! Read more »

    By fiinvest , on 2016-03-21  13:36:44

  • Not happy with your company

    I don't like what I have gone through with your company. I resent your calls especially when you want more money for whatever you say is wrong. I don't appreciate your agents with their heavily accented English. I feel that you are scamming me and w... Read more »

    By Eunice Vaughan , on 2016-03-21  13:15:11

  • Not a member

    I keep getting emails telling me you protected my identity. How did you do that if I am not a member? Read more »

    By terry durr , on 2016-03-21  01:30:34

  • Poor

    You did not known that my social security number was comprimsed last year. Still don't have my 2014 tax refund because the ITS and state of NJ had already paid. My CPA said it could take over a year to settle up. (I always file late - October). I... Read more »

    By Maryann Mercer , on 2016-03-19  02:24:01

  • Nothing to report

    My debit card information was taken and used sometime the last week of February. Now I am getting a email from Lifelock saying " Good News-Nothing to report". Lifelock found no fraudulent activity. Read more »

    By Glenda , on 2016-03-19  01:32:34

  • Oblivious to fraudulent activity and no help whatsoever!!

    Miserable, useless company which is NO HELP whatsoever. Someone opened a fraudulant PayPal account in my name and ordered several items. Lifelock said I HAD TO find out details of who, where , what items, when, etc. and were no help whatsoever. In add... Read more »

    By Martin , on 2016-03-18  11:44:41

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.