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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • credit card fraud

    I've had to cancel 3 credit cards during the last year, and have new ones issued. It did not cost anything, but isn't it part of your plan to protect me from the inconvenience that causes? Read more »

    By Terry English (Full first name is Terrance) , on 2016-03-08  22:21:49

  • Not sure that LifeLok belps at all

    You sent this e-mail (saying no threats had been found) several days after my bank accounts had been hacked and both checking accounts (and their debit cards) had been blocked. At that point, I had opened one new account and was middway to opening ano... Read more »

    By Judy , on 2016-03-04  14:57:42

  • Bank says they can do the same

    Not sure i got my moneys worth. Bank told me they could do what paying paid you for! Read more »

    By Mikki , on 2016-03-02  19:10:05

  • New customer (unsure of the service)

    I've been a customer since the beginning of the year. My debit card # was stolen and compromised. Another fraud service caught it and helped me. I was surprised that lifelock didn't pick up on it. Read more »

    By Jason Elkin , on 2016-02-29  17:09:03

  • They missed something

    Lifelock missed some unusual activity with my identity... I was getting Notices from banks located in the northwestern united states.....I'm on the east coast... Read more »

    By Frank McDowell , on 2016-02-25  22:02:16

  • Fraud

    On Feb. 12,2016 my Capital One Master card was used to make 2 fraudulent charges. I was alerted by Cap. One, not Lifelock. This is the second time that has happened without your knowledge. Read more »

    By J Hands , on 2016-02-24  15:33:29

  • Just my honest feelings

    You said you found nothing this past month. Well someone managed to use one of my credit cards somehow from an online purchase I guess and way we had to closed that account and get a new one................................I'm sure you try to keep up ... Read more »

    By Judy Stevens , on 2016-02-24  15:22:32

  • What does this mean?

    I have no idea, i assume you are doing your job - - how can I rate you I don't know what you door how good you are. This is a waste of time - - lowers your rating How do I remember howling i have been on Lifelock. Pure waste - - you know better t... Read more »

    By Satn?? , on 2016-02-20  19:50:17

  • Spouse monitoring

    I think you should also be monitoring my husband's credit. He had some fraudulent activity on a debit card and this affects both of us. Your monitoring shows none of that. Read more »

    By Vicki S. , on 2016-02-20  13:55:39

  • Sally Marshall

    My bank is not in your network so you cannot monitor it. My credit card company picked up on fraudulent activities and stopped it and I never heard anything from LifeLock. Read more »

    By Sally Marshall , on 2016-02-19  17:59:19

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.