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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Anybody out there?

    I don't hear anything from my membership. I opened a credit card and get no notices or messages. I had my debit card hacked in December and heard nothing. Thankfully my bank notified me. Read more »

    By Elaine , on 2016-01-20  12:38:57

  • Annoying Email Notices

    I find it so annoying to get an email titled "Good News! We helped protect your identity" only to open the email and read "During the past month, LifeLock found no fraudulent activity". If there was "no fraudulent activity" why isn't that the title of... Read more »

    By JRS , on 2016-01-16  14:40:41

  • No activity

    Every month I get an email saying that I have no activity, when in fact there was a lot of activity. Read more »

    By George , on 2016-01-16  12:49:06

  • found problem

    my credit card co. found 5 (at least) charges to my account on Jan. 4th.I am surprised they were not picked up by your service. 4 were at Kroger stores in Micigan towns on the same day.I live in Ohio. ... Read more »

    By James Pitstick , on 2016-01-12  13:52:19

  • Interesting you claim to have protected by identity

    I just received an email telling me that you "protected my identify", yet I applied for an American Express card, was approved, and have already received the card.... all without you catching that someone checked by credit and SSN; and, I never receiv... Read more »

    By Lori , on 2016-01-05  14:09:15

  • Service

    Hello. I know next to nothing about what you do for us. I'm guessing it's standard service? Provided through AOL. Please let me know more, and, specifically, how I can use you service. What should I be doing? I do know I gave you a gr... Read more »

    By Mike Sweeney , on 2015-12-31  02:04:25

  • Stolen

    My Identification was stolen, someone submitted my 2015 taxes. Read more »

    By aaf , on 2015-12-28  11:01:39

  • Nothing to Report?

    I'm confused. This month, some one in Illinois, about 1000 miles away from me, used my bank account and credit cards at a Sears store. My bank blocked the purchase, but I have my accounts shut down, fraud alert placed on my credit report, and just w... Read more »

    By T , on 2015-12-22  18:03:03

  • Not Impressed

    Doesn't sound like it's very effective; reading the press reviews Read more »

    By Dean , on 2015-12-21  22:29:44

  • No credit score

    I thought that part of the service on LifeLock was to send a free credit score once a year. But I haven't received one in years. Read more »

    By Christi Preissinger , on 2015-12-21  14:54:27

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.