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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Not Happy

    Lifelike did not detect that someone filed a false IRS tax return with my identity. Lots of trouble to fix this. Read more »

    By RGreg , on 2015-12-12  22:07:48

  • Fraudulent use of card not detected by LifeLock

    I am disappointed with LifeLock. My email with the status of my account indicated no fraud. My American Express card was registered with LifeLock. On the black friday weekend my card was fraudulently used to make five large purchases in a matter of... Read more »

    By Keith Ellingwood , on 2015-12-11  17:22:12

  • Failure to report compromised credit card use.

    My EZ Card VISA was compromised for approximately 15 transactions during the month of November. It was used in the state of Texas and I live in Hawaii. I did not travel to Texas. I only found out when I went online to view my statement. Read more »

    By Bernice Mau , on 2015-12-07  00:05:55

  • Problem getting a monthly report?

    Have not been getting monthly updates, and when I do you keep using the wrong email address. I use your services simply because of the discount otherwise too expensive. Read more »

    By Cristobal A. Covos , on 2015-12-02  18:25:38

  • Bank debit card fraud

    In November 2015, the debt card was defrauded three times for a total of $149. The bank contacted us to report suspicious activity, but after the money was taken. The bank restored the money, but only after considerable time and inconvenience. Wha... Read more »

    By Barbara Payne , on 2015-12-02  15:19:48

  • you missed it in november

    you are telling me that there was nothing going on but you missed somebody trying to open a credit card for capital bank in my name from fla but because i have discover they were able to stop it maybe you need to be a little more careful i am sure mr ... Read more »

    By HAROLD PRATT , on 2015-12-02  01:15:09

  • let down

    My State Dept Credit Union Visa number was stolen and used in another state. No alerts from you Read more »

    By George McCauley , on 2015-11-17  17:13:00

  • Fraudulent Activity you missed

    I received a call from Amazon asking if I had applied for their credit card from Chase. I have a 7 year hold on all the credit report companies because of previous fraudulent activity (multiple times), so Amazon called to verify---not one word from ... Read more »

    By Kathleen Drabik , on 2015-11-15  18:09:49

  • got through your gingers

    The fraudulent use of my wife's credit card was caught, prevented and incurred no cost to us last week by Wells Fargo. Lifelock neither prevented, warned, or notified us of this attack on our finances. Since I pay for a lifelock membership, and Wells... Read more »

    By Michael Miller , on 2015-11-10  18:48:54

  • stolen account

    2 weeks ago my wife got a call from abank about she change our address in her toys r us charge. Someone got her account no and said she change her address to washington state. How did that get thru your services? Read more »

    By Richard Kutz , on 2015-11-08  17:18:48

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.