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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • A good idea not done

    I have Lifelock and have also been notified of security breaks of my information by Federal Government, Chase, and Blue Cross without any notifications from Lifelock. Read more »

    By Top Down Bruce , on 2015-09-20  23:29:03

  • Unsure!!

    Still not sure of the service I'm receiving? Never have spoken to anyone about my account. Have I given Life Lock all the data they need to protect me?? Would like some kind of communications. Read more »

    By James R Dorrion , on 2015-09-19  23:24:03


    not sure that it matters , but i just bought a motorcycle on 09/05/15 . so my credit was run and didnt here anything from lifelock . when i called in i was told that they didnt ck that bank ( america's first ) if your getting paid to keep a ck on me ,... Read more »

    By Jonathan Conway , on 2015-09-18  17:17:55

  • Poor understanding of policy

    I initially bought coverage through AOL, then added my wife. Please look at my coverage and tell me which "service" I am using. My understanding is that LifeLock only monitors against intruders into my finances but does not insure against losses due... Read more »

    By John B. Cottingham (wife Marilyn) , on 2015-09-10  16:00:49

  • How did they get enough info to steal my tax return?

    I contacted your company in April of 2015 as soon as I was informed my tax return had already been filed. Some how despite the fact that my joint return is 64+ pages in length, when we electronically filed in April we received a written letter from t... Read more »

    By Bobthenurse , on 2015-08-25  16:32:22

  • Notifications

    I thought I would receive notifications good or bad on my accounts weekly not monthly Read more »

    By William WIlen , on 2015-08-23  11:59:13

  • Failure of LifeLock to accommodate my needs....

    I have an Delta American Express card that I'm using exclusively, so I DESPERATELY NEED to have it monitored. Your registration system does not accommodate it. I called in and spoke to a human who was very courteous, recognized the problem, and tran... Read more »

    By Julia A Lindsey , on 2015-08-21  15:04:03

  • Very Confused

    I just called LifeLock support and was told that I have the Command Center level of service - I didn't see this as an option in the levels of service listing. ??? Also while speaking with a service rep, I was told that my level of service covered va... Read more »

    By Ellen Altfeter , on 2015-08-18  16:40:29

  • More Information

    When I get an alert, I would appreciate a list of what I should do next. Read more »

    By Lilly , on 2015-08-10  19:06:38

  • You missed one!

    I'm grateful to LifeLock for watching out for me, but last week my email account on AOL was hacked and about 65 messages went out to individuals and businesses in my contact list. Each email sent out contained a link that I'm sure would have caused t... Read more »

    By Betty Moll , on 2015-08-06  18:30:31

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.