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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Lost 1099 "in the mail". A bit concerned

    I'm hoping all will be alright or at the least stay the same even though I never received my 1099 from Morgan Stanley ... " lost in the mail ". I appreciate your focus on my accounts and informing me about having no activity. Stay in in touch and k... Read more »

    By John Biggs , on 2015-04-13  03:59:04

  • Missed credit card fraud

    My credit card was hacked this month and I only discovered it by checking my account. Card was cancelled and a new one issued. No notice from LifeLock/ Read more »

    By Bruce Wilkinson , on 2015-04-12  20:47:17

  • I've been hacked

    You sent me an email saying that "Lifelock found no fraudulent adtivity....." But last week several of my email correspondants wrote to me that I had been hacked as they keep receiving emails that try to sell them something, as if it was coming from ... Read more »

    By Jean-Paul Vignon , on 2015-04-05  04:27:35

  • ?

    Just signbed up Read more »

    By Kathy , on 2015-04-05  02:41:04

  • 1

    fair Read more »

    By james robinson , on 2015-03-31  15:06:03

  • No help

    I cannot see my credit rating. When I try I am told that my email address is wrong--but you are sending me emails so it must be correct.. I contacted you by email and asked for help, but was never answered. My husband signed us up and he has no pro... Read more »

    By Patricia Durbin , on 2015-03-31  13:29:41

  • Internet Fraud

    Someone hacked into Starbuck's website and stole my Starbuck's $ that was then transferred to their card. With that, they also stole my debit and credit card numbers to transfer $100's of dollars within 1 day to their card. Lifelock did not catch this... Read more »

    By kittycattennis , on 2015-03-29  16:09:19

  • hhh

    hh Read more »

    By Sabine , on 2015-03-27  18:34:49



    By Kevin HODO , on 2015-03-27  00:36:10

  • Reports

    Since I have signed up this is the first report I have received. I think reports should be sent at least quarterly Read more »

    By David Sass , on 2015-03-25  19:25:58

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.