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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Where was LifeLock?

    I had to find out from a credit card company that a fraudulent charge had been charged to my account. I thought I would have heard from lifelock first . It's a little distressing paying to have your accounts monitored and then not being alerted. Read more »

    By Anne S. , on 2016-03-23  17:54:14

  • ??

    Seems fine. Read more »

    By Linda Denny , on 2016-03-21  16:55:50

  • Not Happy

    I'm not really satisfied They don't cover what I need to cover I have been a victim of identity theft and the representative said there was nothing they could do. Read more »

    By Lakesha Gilbert , on 2016-03-21  01:36:42

  • Lifelock is good?

    During the Christmas season, my Discover Card was used by persons unknown to me. Discover Card services informed me of the problem. We came to a solution. My reports from Lifelock did not disclose that someone used my Discover Card. Read more »

    By Sam Fuller , on 2016-03-17  03:44:29

  • You never know until something happens

    As with insurance, you don't really know your vendor until something bad happens. Read more »

    By Greg Harris , on 2016-03-16  19:17:07

  • LifeLock Did Not Catch a Fraudulent Attempt to Use My Credit Card

    There was an attempt to purchase using my credit card but I didn't see LifeLock mention it. Thankfully, the bank caught it right away and notified me. And I did declare the credit card on my profile. Com'on, guys! Read more »

    By LiveLifeLoveFamily , on 2016-03-07  16:51:44

  • Credit Card Fraud

    You say you are monitoring hundreds of data points but my credit cards continue to be fraudulently used. Read more »

    By jimdoan , on 2016-03-06  23:43:26

  • Concerns

    I received a card in the mail that informed me of a law suit regarding LifeLock. Can you expand on that topic for me. I was concerned to say the least! Read more »

    By Beverly Heidecker , on 2016-03-06  18:04:15

  • Read the fine print

    Although overall I am pleased, the services are not what they are advertised to be. For instance, my financial institution cannot be monitored because it is not on Lifelocks list. This is a main item. I don't feel that there should be "levels" of se... Read more »

    By J. Navarro , on 2016-03-06  16:57:48

  • samsmt

    First, I am unable to removed closed accounts from your file. I wait to hear from you regarding a possibly problem. Read more »

    By samsmt , on 2016-03-05  17:43:28

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.