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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Locked out

    Shortly after I received and set up my lifelock account, I was locked out. I kept sending for my username etc. and when I would try to use it, It would say it wasn't correct. Therefore the information in my account is not correct because I can't upd... Read more »

    By WJC , on 2016-01-12  07:52:16

  • Response of LifeLock

    I have picked up fraudulent activity and contacted the credit card company. It was at least $4000. You sent me an email to say that no fraudulent activity had been found. So far, I realize that I had false comfort that you were really doing your job. Read more »

    By Alison Z , on 2016-01-08  15:55:47

  • Missed my identity theft

    On December 9th I had 3 identity theft incidents, but you did not detect any of these. Someone hacked my cell phone, bought a phone, changed 5 Gbytes of data to my monthly bill and switched one of my cell phone numbers to their phone. Someone also o... Read more »

    By Dennis Emerick , on 2016-01-03  16:29:32

  • LifeLock is just ok

    I requested a mortgage refinance on my home through quicken loan. Credit Karma alerted me the moment my credit report was checked. Not even an email or a text from LifeLock. Every Time a charge is ran on my American Express, they send me a text, wells... Read more »

    By Belton Lockett , on 2015-12-30  18:50:54

  • My opinion Counts

    I do not ever hardly get any feedback from Lifelock about my personal information. I received a lot more from Equifax when I used them. My identity was stolen. Found out when we filed our annual income tax claim. Feel like I am not getting my mo... Read more »

    By Donna Brock , on 2015-12-29  19:22:44

  • Add More Credit Card Accounts to protect?

    I may upgrade my service level if I could add more or unlimited number of credit card accounts? When I mentioned this to a customer service representative, I was told to "rotate" or "recycle" my credit card account numbers around by adding and deleti... Read more »

    By Lucy Ann Jones , on 2015-12-27  04:55:04

  • Read some bad things lately

    We have Life Lock with our credit union. Lately I have read some bad reviews about Life Lock, hopefully you are correcting some of your problems and give the customers the security that you advertise. I would if given you a better rating if I wasn't... Read more »

    By Janet , on 2015-12-26  17:32:48

  • You snooze You loose

    Last month , a guy in Hawaii tried to rent a car using my card number. It took the credit card company all of about 5 minutes to stop him. I didn't hear at all from life lock at all. Read more »

    By Bob , on 2015-12-26  16:23:24

  • Not sure about it

    I am not so sure about LifeLock since TWICE this year I have received info my ID was taken, once Federal Government, and by one of my credit card providers and I never received notification of same from Lifelock. Read more »

    By Top Down Bruce , on 2015-12-22  11:33:36

  • unsatisfied with notifciations of transactions from accounts

    I am disappointed currently. I am not receiving notifications of transactions over $200 on any oif my accounts since March 2015. Nothing for any of my credit cards, or my bank accounts. I have made this complaint previously and have still not seen ... Read more »

    By Charolett Marshall , on 2015-12-13  14:54:37

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.