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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • My LifeLock Satistaction

    I have been going through some changes and knowing Life Lock is reviewing these changes makes me more confidant and comfortable, knowing I have LifeLock protection. Read more »

    By Holly Beeninga , on 2018-04-24  19:43:48

  • LifeLock is on the ball!

    We were amazed how fast LifeLock responded to an issue which just occurred the very same afternoon. Read more »

    By Kathy , on 2018-04-18  01:18:39

  • Very fast response when applying for credit

    Very fast response when applying for credit Read more »

    By LynReynolds Johnson , on 2018-04-17  19:50:15

  • My review for lifelock

    Love lifelock,quick to alert you Read more »

    By Corlina ethier , on 2018-04-16  22:13:30

  • Get it and forget it!

    We’ve had Lifelock for several years and we rarely open new accounts at our age, but on the few occasions when we have, the request for a new charge account has barely been submitted and we are getting Lifelock alerts from several different directions... Read more »

    By Gail , on 2018-04-13  21:36:41

  • LifeLock is the absolute best

    While I was shopping for a car today I was very happy to see that within just a few minutes I was getting notified by LifeLock about activity on my name and social security number. Thank you thank you thank you. You make me feel safer when shopping f... Read more »

    By Peggy M , on 2018-04-07  05:49:45

  • Midnight checkup

    I applied for a credit card with our animal hospital (pet emergency!) in the wee hours of the morning -- you detected the activity and texted me withing half an hour. Great response! Read more »

    By Franklin , on 2018-03-27  16:09:39

  • great protection

    We have been alerted several times over the 4-5 years we have used this product. It amazes us my wife was working on a birthday surprise in the dining room I was in the kitchen and an alert came in detecting her activity. It did not ruin her surprise ... Read more »

    By eric , on 2018-03-10  03:26:23

  • Great followup

    Appreciate the prompt inquiry checking whether I had made a contact today. Thanks. Read more »

    By Antoinette Hewlett , on 2018-03-03  00:55:21

  • pleased customer

    Thank you for looking after my good you're a good company hang in there you take care of your customers God bless you Read more »

    By george , on 2018-02-28  16:36:54

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.