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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Life lock Rocks

    There is no thing and no one better....thank you so much Life lock for piece of mind! Read more »

    By James,Atwater , on 2018-02-19  22:08:35

  • Great Service

    I feel well protected and secure with LifeLock.. Read more »

    By Marty Cantu , on 2018-02-11  22:19:09

  • Service

    My wife and I love your service Read more »

    By George vazquez , on 2018-02-04  20:31:28

  • Saving my family from fraud

    Tgank you for your watching over my family Read more »

    By Michele Mccory , on 2018-02-04  19:45:09

  • I love Lifelock!

    Its so nice, this day in time to be so protected. Lifelock has done a fabulous job keeping me and my data safe. They correct any problems that arise very quickly. Thank you, Lifelock. You make ;me feel safe! Read more »

    By Kathie Minner , on 2018-01-22  19:19:52

  • Rest easy knowing life lock has my back.

    Its great knowing life lock is so alert regarding any inquiries into my credit. Read more »

    By Linda Oreilly , on 2018-01-21  12:22:21

  • Great Service

    Thank you for your very prompt attention when I applied for a new credit card and you contacted me to verify that it was actually me making the application. I received both a phone call and an email. It just reaffirmed my decision to enroll in LifeL... Read more »

    By Jane C , on 2018-01-12  21:10:53

  • I've only just started my LIFE LOCK SUBSCRIPTION .

    i signed up for SQUARE, the credit card app for merchants , Last Night . FIRST THING THIS MORNING 1 LIFELOCK sent me an ALERT about that very transaction ! THEY ARE ON TOP OF IT !!!.......and it only cost me $9.95 per month !! Read more »

    By Allen Maxwell , on 2018-01-12  14:13:52

  • Good looken out

    Thanks so much,I was curious about an offer at CreditKarma.Good to know you are on it . Read more »

    By Ruthie Mae Morman , on 2018-01-08  22:04:02

  • You guys are awesome!

    I initiated a new card - just for the savings. Within one hour, I received a text message to see if it was me or not. I appreciate the peace of mind of knowing whether someone is trying to hack me or not!!! Read more »

    By Janet , on 2018-01-04  21:11:07

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.