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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Lifelock Ultimate Plus

    Not a lot of communication. For the amount we paid I would have assumed more input. However, since we have not been hacked as far as we know I guess it works. Read more »

    By DJ , on 2016-03-22  14:40:46

  • Scott drenske

    so far you havent procted me from any fraud. have had it happen serveral time and they just refure me to my own bank and said they would take care of it. 100's of $. just dont see how there protecting me. i used my computer to order everything cuz i... Read more »

    By Scott Drenske , on 2016-03-11  19:07:12

  • Ok Service, Missed Fraudulent Event

    This is an OK service. I have had a small number of notifications over the years from them on strange or fraud based behavior but no major issues. However, I recently had an event where someone used my debit card in Texas for $900 (I'm in Virginia),... Read more »

    By John C , on 2016-02-24  22:04:33

  • "My honest input"

    Please be more helpful & proactive in explaining what Lifelock DOES cover as well as ALL of the info I should be giving you inorder to protect my identity, my land, etc. Its been my experience upon calling or logging in to enter data that the next ti... Read more »

    By Andrea M. Whitney , on 2016-02-14  05:53:31

  • bank

    I can't get any response on why I can't get my bank and credit card registered. I am paying for higher than standard service and can't get completely covered. Read more »

    By caroline McCullough , on 2016-02-12  19:26:03

  • Lack of coverage

    If LifeLock is unable to gain access to my Bank of America account, the only account I am now using. Why am I paying so much for so little protection. Read more »

    By Richard Malouf , on 2016-02-11  02:41:37

  • Good

    Not sure how well a job they are doing at covering my accounts. Read more »

    By Carol B , on 2016-02-06  15:54:54

  • Credit Reports are WRONG

    The three credit reports are LIES. In October 2015, I paid off ALL of my loans and charges. Both my car and truck are paid off. Due to being 100% disabled due to AGENT ORANGE, I now make over $54,000/yr TAX FREE. My funeral is already paid in full. I ... Read more »

    By Edmund L. Mangan III , on 2016-02-05  14:02:34

  • Why so long?

    Yesterday I applied for a new CapitolOne CC. Why did it take you 24 hours to verify it was me? Read more »

    By kansas-tom , on 2016-02-03  23:34:23

  • Disappointed with LifeLock

    I have been a LifeLock member since 2008. I have personally had no problems with LifeLock's service. I'm very disappointed with the company caused by their $100 million dollar settlement with the Federal Trade Commission for contempt charges, false ... Read more »

    By El Phillips , on 2016-01-27  18:25:39

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.