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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • So far as I know I have had no problems. Everything can be improved on even life lock.

    My wife and I are members and i can not remember having any problems. Read more »

    By Vernon Mcgee , on 2016-06-02  15:01:15

  • No Idea ... the service that costs a pant-load.

    Four Star rating for the moment ... depends on how smart their code-monkeys are. Not sure how long I've been a member ... and if Lifelock has no clue then perhaps it's time for me to be VERY concerned. Read more »

    By ty4ph , on 2016-05-25  13:03:17

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    By ierouqii , on 2016-05-13  11:33:59

  • Hacker, into my facebook account.

    You said that you found no threat to my account. Someone hacked into my Facebook account and was posing as me, trying to sell people boguse material. Did you hear about this? Read more »

    By James H. McCash , on 2016-05-11  18:43:15

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    By tojvcdgyg , on 2016-05-11  12:38:21

  • Well worth the cost

    I am very impressed by how much they do to protect your identity. they do let you know even when you do the transaction. Keep up the great work. Your guys are awesome Read more »

    By WhiteDove , on 2016-05-10  16:03:17

  • Relief finally!

    It is with great pleasure to have a fine team watching my back,I have total respect for Lifelocks abilities and feel safe!! Read more »

    By alonso alfa , on 2016-05-05  21:54:58

  • Not sure of coverage

    I am not sure I have the protection I really need. Maybe I only need Ultimate or Advantage. Read more »

    By Cynthia Burks , on 2016-05-03  20:45:32

  • stable

    since using lifelock i have had my IRS identity stolen, and my debit card hacked twice= NEITHER was detected by lifelock, thanks for waht exactly???????????? Read more »

    By hacked off , on 2016-05-01  16:18:07

  • Good Protection

    I am sure LifeLock is watching out for my credit scores and any fraudulent attempts at getting a credit card in my name. Recently, I have had 3 instances of a cloned credit card of mine used. I have had to file police reports and contact my bank and... Read more »

    By LKPrainyday , on 2016-04-29  18:35:13

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.