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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Wonderful service

    I really value what LifeLock has to offer. I feel very protected after having a security breach where my personal information including my social security was compromised. A horrible feeling that I feel very comfortable won't occur again now that I'm ... Read more »

    By cdesantis , on 2014-10-23  21:01:38

  • N/A

    I am very satisfied with your service.......... Read more »

    By G.D. Farrell Sr. , on 2014-10-22  21:08:42

  • review

    I am a new member for only two days Read more »

    By cheryl solomon , on 2014-10-22  17:54:51

  • Priceless

    Knowing that Lifelock is watching over my identity has given me peace of mind and now I can say it is priceless. Recently my identity was compromised and thankfully, it did not get too far because of my Lifelock Ultimate Plus subscription. Lifelock ... Read more »

    By JS-NYC , on 2014-10-22  17:37:36

  • Great experience

    Finally my life is back in order! Read more »

    By Alex Scott , on 2014-10-22  14:09:18

  • Saved me from fraud.

    I was only a member for 2 months when I received an alert. Two days later I got another alert for a different company. Life Lock specialists stepped in and assisted me with everything I needed to do. Read more »

    By Dwain , on 2014-10-22  13:50:46

  • Feel better

    Unfortunately I lost a dr referral that for some strange reason had all of my information on it. Fearing the worst i called lLife Lock and now I can sleep knowing if anyone tries something shiesty, I'm protected Read more »

    By Big Ro , on 2014-10-22  13:19:08

  • Credit inquiry

    Ashley was amazing, credit inquiry was done without my authorization or knowledge. I was extremely impress on how quick I was notified about inquiry and how quick they addressed my concern. I will recommend this service to family and friends. Thank yo... Read more »

    By Kim lamboley , on 2014-10-22  00:33:49

  • Great relief

    Now that everything is in place and working I have the sense of security I have wanted for a very long time. Read more »

    By Anthony , on 2014-10-21  23:59:19

  • LifeLock gets results

    Signed up for LifeLock after getting fraud reports from credit card companies. They immediately went to work searching for credit applications and sending me alerts. then after verification from me that I did not authorize the credit checks, they went... Read more »

    By MICHAEL COOK , on 2014-10-21  22:17:47

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.