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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Ultimate plus

    It was initially thought that a capital one credit card acct was being opened with my soc sec number. That was disturbing to me, but I had complete confidence that Lifelock would take care of my credit, and fix this credit breach. A very kind, and he... Read more »

    By W W Jordan , on 2014-10-20  19:04:38

  • The best

    Since I have had Life lock I have been more relaxed knowing they are there watching . It is a load off my mind especially since things are more electronic these days it would be almost impossible for me to watch everything my self. Read more »

    By Paul , on 2014-10-20  18:13:30

  • Phone in help

    Linda was patient, helpful and knowledgable. I have only been with LifeLock less than a month and already realize it's potential strength. Read more »

    By Bill.munro , on 2014-10-20  10:13:14

  • Good work.

    I like your service very much. Read more »

    By David , on 2014-10-20  02:24:45

  • review

    I appreciate all the alerts and help Read more »

    By Tony , on 2014-10-19  23:19:22

  • computer problem

    The person I talked to was correct,the problem was my computer. Read more »

    By Roy , on 2014-10-19  18:49:26

  • It Works!

    I must say LifeLock saved my peace of mind while on vacation this past year. I received a notification from LifeLock that someone was trying to take out a loan using my Social Security number. Without LifeLock I would have been horrified and needless ... Read more »

    By Linda Paul , on 2014-10-19  18:32:00

  • Alert of a Sprint Payday loan and AT&T cellular account opened.

    I just subscribed to Lifelock about a month ago. They have been more than helpful. They resolved each Alert I got in a timely manner and with positive closures. They phone rep was so kind and understanding handling my issues. I can't thank you eno... Read more »

    By Linda L. , on 2014-10-17  11:43:01


    RETIRED and Traveling When I need help LIFELOCK is always available Read more »

    By Mervin Strothmann , on 2014-10-16  17:50:14

  • Well worth it!

    I was recently a victim of fraud and lifelock not only notified me immediately but resolved the situation before my credit could be compromised. They took care of everything! Definitely recommend! Read more »

    By Stacy , on 2014-10-16  17:02:47

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.