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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • LifeLock review

    I am VERY SATISFIED with my experience with "LifeLock" over this past year. Read more »

    By Tom Trapp , on 2016-12-28  13:07:10

  • I love life Lock

    i''m very happy to be a member, I feel safe with Life Lock Thanks Read more »

    By Rita Lou Gomez , on 2016-11-05  01:15:32

  • User Name & Password

    my user name is my e/mail address I put in correctly and my password correctly & still couldnt review my information. What am I paying you $52.00 a mo for myself & my wife if I cant acces the online information to add or review information? The protec... Read more »

    By Frank G.Maluso , on 2016-10-30  21:33:36

  • Fast!

    Amazing Fast A+ Read more »

    By dmoyle , on 2016-10-25  06:07:15

  • Feedback

    I don't see that LifeLock can do with the discrepancies I have. You may put fraud alert with no fee. Read more »

    By Natela Oganyan , on 2016-09-21  16:42:07

  • Red Rote

    I really appreciate your help. Have not heard from ya for awhile. Sure do thank ya for the updates. Thanks again so much!!! Not really sure how long I've been a member. Sure do appreciate all your help. Red Rote Read more »

    By Red Rote , on 2016-08-03  01:59:46

  • 44 minutes!

    We did not think to call Lifelick before we inked the contract to buy a new pickup. Take note, from the time we signed the contract until we got our Lifelock notice to verify it was our transaction was just 44 minutes. Now, that is peace of mind! Read more »

    By A100 , on 2016-07-12  19:11:21

  • Feel so much better with LifeLock

    Luckily, we have not had any problems, but I know I feel much more secure and safe knowing LifeLock has been monitoring our accounts. Read more »

    By Chrissy Morgan , on 2016-07-04  15:11:42

  • My overview of my experiences with LifeLock

    You've met all my expectations and then some. I appreciated your looking out for my well-being and questioning anything out of the norm. i also look forward to having an ongoing business relationship with LifeLock Mrs. Karen Brannon Read more »

    By Karen , on 2016-06-14  03:53:05

  • Confidence

    I feel confident that my assets are safe. Read more »

    By Jo , on 2016-06-04  19:28:06

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.