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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Great watchdog for my online use.

    Lifelock has caught a couple of mistakes that I have been able to correct. Read more »

    By Judy Smith , on 2017-08-23  23:46:04

  • LIFELOCK alerted me right away

    I was alerted right away about an account that was opened in my name but of course I was the one that opened the account. I am thankful that LIFELOCK alerted me because suppose it was not me. Read more »

    By Stephanie Lipford , on 2017-08-13  07:13:53

  • My "6"...

    15 minutes after I applied for a credit card YOU E-MAILED ME! You guys got my back! That gives me fiscal peace of mind. Kudos. Read more »

    By Dan the Man , on 2017-08-11  13:38:04

  • Security

    Thanks for being on top of activity related to me! Read more »

    By Myrna Johns , on 2017-08-03  01:24:16

  • Pleased with service

    It was very refreshing getting that alert and knowing lifelock has my back Read more »

    By Sean sherrin , on 2017-08-01  21:23:54

  • Watching My Back!

    I am moving so I have to select new providers for internet and TV. Within 20 minutes of completing my new contracts with providers I received a notice from LifeLock that my information had been used to open a new account. A friend of mine just had a... Read more »

    By Mary Pratz , on 2017-07-25  22:42:34

  • Peace of mind

    I just got my first alert. It felt so reassuring. I am an older person (64 years old) and have been increasingly scared about identity theft. I know I have to be vigilant but it helps to know that LifeLock has my back. THANKS. Read more »

    By Julie Lidbury , on 2017-07-19  18:00:31

  • LifeLock Alerts

    I was amazed that LifeLock checked with me by phone and email about my recent application for a credit card. I have a new feeling of security. Read more »

    By Dot R , on 2017-07-17  06:12:23

  • Fast notification

    Friendly personnel Read more »

    By Alfonso Fernandez , on 2017-07-15  01:57:58

  • Super Great!!

    Thank you so much! I appreciate each and every alert! Read more »

    By Keani , on 2017-07-12  04:15:49

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.