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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Credit Update

    Very good Read more »

    By RICKEY LOCKHART , on 2017-10-27  23:06:31

  • Thanks for watching

    I really appreciate you contacting me when I opened a new sprint account. Glad to know you guys are paying attention. Read more »

    By Drake Daigle , on 2017-10-23  02:20:30

  • Good lock

    Very good and helpful Read more »

    By Tammy rohla , on 2017-10-23  02:16:05

  • Dependable

    I feel so confident in LifeLock services. Thank you for the alerts including an alert phone call. Read more »

    By Esther Rufo , on 2017-10-21  14:42:34

  • Who's Minding The Gate?

    It's nice to know you are on the job, even if it was only me peeking under the tent. Thanks JB Read more »

    By JB BOYNTON , on 2017-10-20  20:39:13

  • Rating as AOL member

    Why is it no one can find my account when I call in. Today I was told by your automation system to wait 18 minutes. They could not find my file. Is there a special way to obtain my account, since its through Read more »

    By Juels , on 2017-10-16  22:20:12

  • Waited too long for approval

    I waited -30 minutes fir you to release a hold on my credit. I didnt get code text for 30 min abd then I had to get a call with code. Then the charge went through. Clerk was ready to scream. You got to do better. Read more »

    By J Lowe , on 2017-10-15  01:18:09


    I applied for a citi-SIMPLICITY card with no interest charge for 21mos, 3% charge to transfer funds up to $5000 effective today, 10/12/17. Thank you for picking this up so quickly! your notification came to me PRIOR TO receiving the notice from Citib... Read more »

    By LAURA , on 2017-10-12  20:55:36

  • Feel very safe

    I am relieved to have you have my back Read more »

    By Pamela Martin , on 2017-10-12  19:56:10

  • review

    Thank you for the (alert) for a Sears card! Stan's card was out dated so renewed it. We have had problems in the past & are thankful for your service. Read more »

    By dlkemery , on 2017-10-12  16:09:44

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.