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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Thanks for prompt service

    I'm grateful that you've acted so promptly on my behalf. Read more »

    By Margo Langley, on 2017-05-13  20:11:57

  • excellent


    By WALTER LYON, on 2017-05-10  20:36:23

  • Alert

    Thank you for looking out for me! Read more »

    By Douglas Herroon, on 2017-05-10  17:22:24

  • Bruce Ketler

    Immediately notified something suspicious and notified me to contact Lifelock. Read more »

    By Bruce, on 2017-05-07  20:55:11

  • i been using you guys fgor few years now i got no complaints

    thanks for picking up changes in my accounts like my cell phones today I'm leaving Verizon and going with at&t thanks Read more »

    By michael walsh, on 2017-05-06  00:33:41

  • LifeLock is fantastic. I wouldn't have any other system.

    I feel super safe with LifeLock. I so appreciate your service. Read more »

    By Bertha Guerra, on 2017-05-05  03:24:43

  • Review

    No problems over the years... one question about a transaction and they said they would contact me - but LifeLock never contacted me again regarding the matter. So I ?? Read more »

    By Bob, on 2017-05-02  01:01:20

  • LifeLock Services the best in the WORLD.

    Thank God for LifeLock and the services you provide gives me such a sense of Security knowing that someone is looking over my shoulder to secure my life and financial resources. You are definitely an asset to the world -KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Cheers,... Read more »

    By JJ, on 2017-05-01  21:27:48

  • Great service!

    Thank you for contacting me regarding a usage of my name and information to open a credit card. I appreciate you always confirming it was me! Thank you for checking with me . Read more »

    By Pizza, on 2017-05-01  03:25:38

  • Great Experience

    Today I purchased hearing aids, by the time I got home I had a LifeLock alert on my answering machine & via e-mail saying that an account for a purchase on a credit card that could possibly be fraudulent. I called the hearing aid company back & found ... Read more »

    By Roz, on 2017-04-24  17:57:43

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.