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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Power of Attorney for Leslie Scott Webb

    Representative was very helpful and notified me after talking with credit card companies. I would recommend this service to everyone. It is a great protection to have especially when there have been fraudulent activities. Read more »

    By Cheryl W Malone , on 2014-10-07  22:58:45

  • Life Lock Ultimate

    Ever since I sign with Life Lock I feel much more secure and that is a good feeling. Read more »

    By , on 2014-10-07  22:51:46

  • Membership status?

    I have yet to receive a reply to my question: "Am I still receiving LifeLock service? " I don't know if I am still a member, or when my membership expires. Read more »

    By Walter Chelmo , on 2014-10-07  22:45:55

  • Fraud Alert

    Excellent service from LifeLock thus far. Read more »

    By youngjan198 , on 2014-10-07  21:44:48

  • Saved from possible fraud

    I received a Discover Notice late Saturday night and it indicated that there may be fraud on my account. I was going to call them the next day however, I received a call from LifeLock first. They asked if I used this particular Cell Phone company a... Read more »

    By JerseyGirl24130 , on 2014-10-07  21:31:13

  • Right on Top of Things that GO bump on the Credit Reports

    Jennifer and all the others helped me out when I got a Fraud Alert, that someone using my name and SSN opened up a Verizon account. Within 1 week it was taken care of and shut down. $$$$ for the Ultimate well spent! Read more »

    By ANSEL2012 , on 2014-10-07  21:30:07

  • Love Lifelock

    Lifelock has been so prompt in contacting me several times in the past few years when there was a questionable charge on our credit cards. Each time it was legitimate but we feel so secure knowing that they are watching out for us. Read more »

    By Southern Gal , on 2014-10-07  19:24:31

  • Once you get hold of someone they get to work rectifying the problem

    Worth the cost of the protection. Read more »

    By Gregory Braun , on 2014-10-07  19:21:27

  • Helping the hearing impaired people.

    I am very pleased with, but they refused to accept buying the teletypewriter device for the hearing impaired and there is no third party on telephone lines. They can put the hearing impaired phone number for them to call dire... Read more »

    By Dinah McKenzie , on 2014-10-07  18:24:39

  • Lifelock Delivered!

    I received an alert that someone tried to get a bank loan in my name. Lifelock notified me immediately, and was able to connect me with the lender to ensure they knew the application was fraudulent and to block any further activiy. VERY happy with th... Read more »

    By james mettler , on 2014-10-07  17:57:55

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.