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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Great Service

    All the representatives I have dealt with have been very helpful. They have called all the necessary agencies with me on the phone to report, close, and notify credit agencies of all fraudulent accounts that were opened using my information. Having ... Read more »

    By Chris , on 2014-10-22  19:37:16

  • 10/22/14

    I love your service, I recommend it to all my friends/family!!! Read more »

    By Scott C Bernard , on 2014-10-22  18:32:49

  • review

    I am a new member for only two days Read more »

    By cheryl solomon , on 2014-10-22  17:54:51

  • Priceless

    Knowing that Lifelock is watching over my identity has given me peace of mind and now I can say it is priceless. Recently my identity was compromised and thankfully, it did not get too far because of my Lifelock Ultimate Plus subscription. Lifelock ... Read more »

    By JS-NYC , on 2014-10-22  17:37:36

  • I can relax with lifelock always covering my back

    We are so glad that we are a member of lifelock. They notified me when someone checked my credit that same day. Right there for me 24/7. Love you lifelock. Read more »

    By kentuckygirl , on 2014-10-22  15:37:33

  • Great experience

    Finally my life is back in order! Read more »

    By Alex Scott , on 2014-10-22  14:09:18

  • The Happy Customer

    I am always treated like a human being,not a number by LifeLock. I had to call up and tell the representative that I didn`t get an update in August.She felt bad. I have received updates since. I was the person who kept saying that we would have an ... Read more »

    By Mark J. Malin , on 2014-10-22  13:59:44

  • Saved me from fraud.

    I was only a member for 2 months when I received an alert. Two days later I got another alert for a different company. Life Lock specialists stepped in and assisted me with everything I needed to do. Read more »

    By Dwain , on 2014-10-22  13:50:46

  • Not sure about this

    everhthing seem great. A comfort for sure. Read more »

    By Angela Mitchell , on 2014-10-22  13:29:25

  • Feel better

    Unfortunately I lost a dr referral that for some strange reason had all of my information on it. Fearing the worst i called lLife Lock and now I can sleep knowing if anyone tries something shiesty, I'm protected Read more »

    By Big Ro , on 2014-10-22  13:19:08

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.