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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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    Lifelock has been a godsend in helping me through some identity theft issues. While your Resolution Department is very difficult to get in touch with, there is little doubt as to the benefit of being a Lifelock member. Thank you for continuing to prot... Read more »

    By Mike Zatopek , on 2014-10-24  18:29:30

  • Great Service

    I just enrolled, but have already received alerts and information. Very impressive. Read more »

    By Irene , on 2014-10-24  18:13:36

  • Mixed Feelings

    So far Im ok with the service they provide but sad that they have removed the credit report options for standard unless you upgrade. Other than that, it feels safer to have your back covered by Lifelock. Read more »

    By irina , on 2014-10-24  17:46:18

  • I don't understand "Review Title"

    Very efficient and very professional, Thank you. But I do need help, I am unable to locate the bank we use. Read more »

    By James Turko , on 2014-10-24  17:21:17

  • Great

    The woman I spoke to was very helpful and resolved my problem very quickly. Read more »

    By brittany , on 2014-10-24  16:54:53

  • LifeLock-To the rescue-again!

    Lifelock informed me of a possible fraudulent use of my personal information. I answered themand LifeLock checked it out. The bottom line- it was fraudulent and LifeLock took care of everything for me. It os great to know that we do have honest pe... Read more »

    By , on 2014-10-24  16:40:22

  • Wow

    This really works 24/7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read more »

    By Southernborn , on 2014-10-24  16:22:30

  • good service

    always on top of my protection Read more »

    By dwightcole , on 2014-10-24  16:05:05

  • 10/24 Input

    Excellent service, guidance. Disappointed, however, that "synthetic" identity theft is not easy to identitify. Read more »

    By Robert Palmer , on 2014-10-24  15:00:56

  • Customer Service

    The representatives are clear, confident and concise. Most impressed with all! Read more »

    By Joleen Hall , on 2014-10-24  13:39:50

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.