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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Glad I have them

    I have had a positive experience with Lifelock. great with credit rating, sex offender alerts and customer service. Also fraud alerts. Read more »

    By Elaine Price , on 2014-10-05  23:43:22

  • Promotion Not honored

    I became a member based on a recommendation from my financial adviser and having received a promotion UNITED62. Everything was handled well except the agent denied that the promotion existed although the letter was signed by your president. I was ad... Read more »

    By Promo Problem , on 2014-10-05  23:24:18

  • Did not Understand my question? Asking about "Black Market Website".

    In my t e-mail I asked "I was looking at my account and was reading something and saw the name "Black Market Website". Can you please send me a link so I can read more about this service and perhaps sign-up for it? I will give LifeLock credit for... Read more »

    By Dr. J. S. Barron , on 2014-10-05  22:35:40

  • false verizon account

    Was quickly contacted by Lifelock in multiple ways to verify if I had opened a new account. I responded that I had not opened a new account with verizon and they followed up and informed via phone and email. Read more »

    By John G , on 2014-10-05  19:43:07

  • life saver

    Great peace of mind Read more »

    By david giese , on 2014-10-05  19:19:28

  • Caught in time

    Lifelock caught a bogus credit app. I called, and Lifelock helped contact the bank and heled me resolve the issue. Well done Lifelock! Read more »

    By Ralph , on 2014-10-05  18:27:39

  • Standard

    Just joined. Don't really know about service. Had to put in 1 year below. Just joined last week. Read more »

    By Roberta Gerdts , on 2014-10-05  15:42:51

  • I am not sure what lifelock protection I have,I think it is Lifelock advantage.

    So far I am very satisfied. Read more »

    By Edward F.Pienkos , on 2014-10-05  13:33:14

  • A must have tool in a technological world.

    I find comfort knowing LifeLock is monitoring my personal information and financial accounts. My credit score went from 763 to 820 simply because LifeLock prevented credit card companies from running my credit worthiness as part of their solicitation ... Read more »

    By Walt R. , on 2014-10-05  13:18:00

  • Recommend LifeLock

    I have been notified each time there has been a large transaction or a credit inquiry pertaining to me or my accounts. I have and will continue recommend LifeLock services. If LifeLock sees anything that may seem suspicious then, I am notified by ca... Read more »

    By George Bagwell , on 2014-10-05  04:57:21

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.