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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Taking care of business!

    I have been very happy with LifeLock. They have notified me when I opened an account just to be sure it was me. I would recommend them to friends. Read more »

    By Randy , on 2014-10-04  19:23:22

  • protected accounts

    life lock gets 4 stars because my credit union is on your protected list, however it does not connect to my credit union website. please fix this as i know it is not just mine but other banks as well. i cant even put a few of my credit cards as prot... Read more »

    By kenny black , on 2014-10-04  13:27:28

  • good

    very trustworthy and a great service. thanks Read more »

    By Dot , on 2014-10-04  12:38:10

  • identity watchdog

    This service is so awesome! I inquired about tv and internet service and lifelock sent me an alert that my personal information has been used, even though it was me . Awesome! Read more »

    By John G , on 2014-10-04  03:43:44

  • A little early to tell but so far no complaints

    Signed up for Lifelock. There was a little confusion over a discount code I used but, other than that, no issues. I've only had one identity theft issue with a business credit card years ago. That was handled by the card issuer. With theft being s... Read more »

    By Tim , on 2014-10-04  03:00:32

  • Janet Snodgrass

    Person was very Pleasant and helpful Read more »

    By Jan Snodgrass , on 2014-10-04  01:53:17

  • ID theft

    Although at the time it happened I was not member. The staff couldn't have been more helpfull. they are currently helping me resolve this issue. Read more »

    By Jeff High , on 2014-10-03  23:57:46

  • McClean

    LifeLock has Kept very good track of my accounts and as far as I know kept the Wolf's at bay. Read more »

    By Michael McClean , on 2014-10-03  23:51:07

  • Online Response

    I chose the on line contact for my question, and received my answer within two days. Read more »

    By Fritzie's Momma , on 2014-10-03  21:49:47

  • Retail store account

    I applied for a retail store credit card. The next day LifeLock telephoned and emailed me regarding it. They wanted to know if I had applied for this card. Lifelock did not just sign me up, take my money and put me on the back burner. They are wa... Read more »

    By Paul. , on 2014-10-03  18:37:33

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.