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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Worked well

    Someone tried to open a cell phone account with ny ssn. I immediately heard from life lock by email, who put me in touch with the vendor to make sure they knew it was fraudulent Read more »

    By Andrew M , on 2014-10-02  01:40:46

  • I do not understand this question. "Title" of what?

    Wonderful! Lifelock emailed about a possible fradulant credit inquiry on my credit accounts. I replied to all the emails, and I telephoned Lifelock that I would shortly be out of state on vacation where I could not be contacted or reply by telehpone o... Read more »

    By Jeffrey Willeford , on 2014-10-02  00:10:24

  • 5Star

    Very very good job LifeLock does I has no problems with the staff they does a very good job. Read more »

    By Sammy D , on 2014-10-01  22:54:23

  • Very helpful

    Very helpful and always nice. No matter who you talk to. Read more »

    By Ace , on 2014-10-01  22:34:19

  • Mr.

    LifeLock,! Read more »

    By EdDyerFineArt , on 2014-10-01  20:18:43

  • did not waste time letting me know someone was doing a credit check on me

    i give them a 10 Read more »

    By victoria reyes , on 2014-10-01  19:17:45

  • AAFES FCU Inquiry

    Excellent customer service. Read more »

    By Joseph C. Reeves , on 2014-10-01  13:05:56

  • This company called for interest reduction Iwas half asleep and was suckered in.

    Lifelock got me out of a bad mess.I greatly appreceate what you have accomplished.They would have charged me 600+ dollars for their services.I was badly scared from my foolishmess Read more »

    By Marion a Griner , on 2014-10-01  07:23:02

  • Credit Inquery alert

    LifeLock representative Sean attempted to contact me about possible fraud while I was in hospital for surgery. I was unable to return his call due to hospitalization. Fortunately, I have recovered and now able to respond to the LifeLock alert. I spo... Read more »

    By Jimmy Mac , on 2014-10-01  02:25:06

  • Relieved and grateful

    A few years ago, while vacationing in Ca, my boyfriend was contacted by his credit card about suspicious charges in three states. Thankfully they were resolved, but we immediately signed up for LifeLock, while still on vacation. A couple days ago, L... Read more »

    By YogaMary , on 2014-10-01  00:25:13

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.