Thank you for purchasing your annual LifeLock membership and taking advantage of the promotional document shredder offer.

LifeLock - Shredder
  • This shredder is specifically designed for light home use to help keep personal papers out of the wrong hands. It is not designed to handle multiple sheets of heavy weight paper, paper clips, or credit cards. Please only feed 2-3 sheets at a time.
  • Please take a moment to understand the features of the document shredder by browsing our frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I catch the shredded paper?
    (I did not receive a bag or basket.)
    Wastebasket or bags are not included. The document shredder is made with adjustable arms (11-1/4” – 14-1/2”) to be used over a small- or medium-sized office wastebasket.
  • What if the shredder does not turn on? All shredders are tested before shipping, so be sure to check that the outlet is working and the unit is plugged in. (Reminder: Some outlets are operated by a light switch in the room. Remember to check that the light switch is on if this is the case.)
  • How many sheets can I put into the shredder at one pass? We recommend feeding one sheet at a time, but no more than three sheets at a time. Since this is a light duty document shredder, it is recommended to use fewer sheets when operating.
  • What should I do if the shredder is damaged during shipping? Place the shredder back into the shipping carton that it arrived in. See the form below for further instructions.
  • What do I do if the shredder is jammed? Press the reverse button on the shredder to reverse the jammed paper. If the paper does not reverse out, UNPLUG the shredder and pull the paper out manually.
    • Unplug and manually pull out as much paper as possible.
    • While still unplugged, check to see if something other than paper fell into the feed. If so, remove prior to plugging unit back in.
    • Once jam has been cleared, plug unit back in and continue operation. Once shredding is complete, unplug unit until you need to use it again.  

Additional questions? Please call 1-877-849-8833.