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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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    I applied for a citi-SIMPLICITY card with no interest charge for 21mos, 3% charge to transfer funds up to $5000 effective today, 10/12/17. Thank you for picking this up so quickly! your notification came to me PRIOR TO receiving the notice from Citib... Read more »

    By LAURA , on 2017-10-12  20:55:36

  • Feel very safe

    I am relieved to have you have my back Read more »

    By Pamela Martin , on 2017-10-12  19:56:10

  • review

    Thank you for the (alert) for a Sears card! Stan's card was out dated so renewed it. We have had problems in the past & are thankful for your service. Read more »

    By dlkemery , on 2017-10-12  16:09:44

  • Happy customer

    Thank you for tne fast response of checking to make sure I was the one to open a new account. It give me great confidence in your service. I will tell everyone I know about you. Thanks, Barbara Read more »

    By Barbara Fryar , on 2017-10-10  22:18:33

  • purchase i made at macy's

    i'm impressed with the speed you monitored and acted to verify legitimacy of the purchases being charged to my credit cardi. thank you Read more »

    By francisco catalan , on 2017-10-05  01:51:06

  • My LifeLock review.

    I love how quickly I got an alert after I signed up for a credit card. Read more »

    By Gloria Corbeille , on 2017-10-01  22:30:27

  • You are the greatest

    Truly an asset to all of us who faces the world of identity thief. Thank you Read more »

    By JJ , on 2017-09-23  19:22:11

  • Great job!

    I applied for a peer to peer loan and got an alert within minutes. Thanks. Read more »

    By Shawn , on 2017-09-22  20:16:48

  • finding out what is going with my credit and persaonl info.

    i got on line with you found out some things i dident like and corrected them i am having problems with a ceullar phone line i think 1 was hacked i uae att ceular system do you get into problems the bill is way out there to the point i cantpay it a... Read more »

    By thomas t kettinger , on 2017-09-22  14:26:04

  • Rating

    Reliable , always keeping in touch, they safeguard my identity , quick to respond, always available. Read more »

    By Amelita Pangilinan , on 2017-09-22  01:42:40

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.

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