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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Safety

    Lifelock makes me feel at ease knowing that I believe I have the best security I can get Read more »

  • My review

    Your service has brought me great "peace of mind". Read more »

  • Very satisfied with service so far

    I have a sense of security and am more able to relax knowing that my financial activities are being monitored. Read more »

  • Thanks

    Saved my bacon TWICE ! Read more »

  • great

    Great thanks Read more »


    The service is great it's giving me peace of mind. Read more »

  • Peace of Mind

    It is wonderful having the peace of mind, knowing LifeLock is monitering and looking for suspicious activity. Read more »

  • I love having peace of mind, with no changes to my life

    I have 4 things that make eligible for being a member of Social security office. My heart for one, I had double bypass in 1997, and Breast cancer ♋ in 2005, There was one other thing before my last blessing, all the things he blessed me are blessings,when I think about not being alive that wouldn't be good. But with all I have experienced in my life, I could can say I am grateful for life. Read more »

  • Added Peace of Mind

    Pretty much ALL of my purchases as well as banking are done online, so the added security of knowing LifeLock has my back is very appreciated. So far I have had alerts but no major difficulties Hearing of other customers who have had great help when it... Read more »

  • It really works

    Lifelock has alerted me a number of times to possible problems. Once, while opening an account at Guitar Center, I was still filling out the form for an in-store credit line and Lifelock sent me a warning that "someone" was trying to open a credit line... Read more »

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† Network does not cover all transactions.