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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Review for Lifelock 2017

    Excellent updates on letting me know about my accounts and transactions taken on them. Comforting to know that I will be advised when actions occur that may or may not have been at my request so that I can follow up on them. Time frame from date and... Read more »

    By Carol Greer , on 2017-10-28  21:56:33

  • Who's Minding The Gate?

    It's nice to know you are on the job, even if it was only me peeking under the tent. Thanks JB Read more »

    By JB BOYNTON , on 2017-10-20  20:39:13

  • Waited too long for approval

    I waited -30 minutes fir you to release a hold on my credit. I didnt get code text for 30 min abd then I had to get a call with code. Then the charge went through. Clerk was ready to scream. You got to do better. Read more »

    By J Lowe , on 2017-10-15  01:18:09

  • My LifeLock review.

    I love how quickly I got an alert after I signed up for a credit card. Read more »

    By Gloria Corbeille , on 2017-10-01  22:30:27

  • You are the greatest

    Truly an asset to all of us who faces the world of identity thief. Thank you Read more »

    By JJ , on 2017-09-23  19:22:11

  • Great job!

    I applied for a peer to peer loan and got an alert within minutes. Thanks. Read more »

    By Shawn , on 2017-09-22  20:16:48

  • Thank you

    Thank you~plain & simple. Thank you! Read more »

    By Cassandra , on 2017-09-15  01:45:58

  • LIFELOCK alerted me right away

    I was alerted right away about an account that was opened in my name but of course I was the one that opened the account. I am thankful that LIFELOCK alerted me because suppose it was not me. Read more »

    By Stephanie Lipford , on 2017-08-13  07:13:53

  • Peace of mind

    I just got my first alert. It felt so reassuring. I am an older person (64 years old) and have been increasingly scared about identity theft. I know I have to be vigilant but it helps to know that LifeLock has my back. THANKS. Read more »

    By Julie Lidbury , on 2017-07-19  18:00:31

  • My comments on my association with Lifelock-Please do not share this event since I have not used Lifelock yet

    IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME TO HAVE THE SECURITY OF LifeLOCK PROTECTION. To date there has been one infraction on my credit card monthly statement which I received on 7-1-2017. I have contacted my credit card company who is reviewing the unauthorized... Read more »

    By David Cormier , on 2017-07-04  15:19:56

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.